Sunday, March 19, 2017

Breath of the Wild Adventure Log, Entry 16

Today I faced many Hinox, enjoyed the advantages of my newly obtained Thunder Helm and explored the sea to the southeast. No, Ganon fight yet. There's so much to do in the game and before I take on Hyrule Castle, I want to explore everything and also upgrade all important armor to the max.

After upgrading my weapon stash (I now need 55 Korok Seeds), I used the cooking pot inside the Deku Tree during a Blood Moon and every dish got this bonus, where the cooking music sounds like you did something especially right. This effect seems to be random, but at that time I got on every meal that I created. I might try cooking again during a Blood Moon...

And I need to find a good way to burn stronger weapons, because my inventory is full with strong weapons, where I don't want to use them on ordinary enemies, because that feels like a waste. Again, I'm repeating myself here, but this game would benefit from an Item Check like in Skyward Sword. Even a simple chest in your house at Hateno would suffice, as long as you can store good weapons there for later adventures. Right now I'm looking for challenges worthy of my arsenal, but I then just end up with even more good weapons after the fights.

In that matter I wanted to face some more Blue-Maned Lynels today, but I couldn't find any, because the game replaced them all with the White-Maned variant, which is still out of my league. But considering that I now have the strongest armor possible, they might always be... And here the game annoys me quite a lot, because I'm putting all this time into getting stronger for nothing, because it just keeps replacing its enemies with stronger types.

Hinox Hunter

I started hiking from Hateno Village and came across Mount Taran with the "Three Giant Brothers" Shrine Quest, where you have three ponds with a Hinox sleeping there. They are apparently brothers, where each of them is of a different tier, so you get a normal, a blue and a black one. They all protect an orb and at first I didn't have a clue, where I should bring them. The shrine with Tawa Jinn's Blessing is right in the center and gave me yet another Great Thunderblade.

On my way to the southeastern shoreline I stumbled over another Hinox, who sleeps at a pond in a "cave", where you can drop down from below right on him. Nothing all too special, but it felt like the game wanted to prepare me for the challenges ahead.

Afterwards I arrived at the Chaas Qeta Shrine on Tenoko Island. I've already seen this shrine many times before from a distance, because it's basically a beacon in the middle of the ocean, but for some reason I never bothered with gliding down there until now, even when I hiked to the Muwo Jeem Shrine on the cliff above. But I couldn't have done much there anyway up until now, because this shrines houses a "Major Test of Strength". The Guardian uses all three ++ weapons instead of a shield, which should come in handy, if you ever need some.

As a reward I got the final piece of climbing gear, where I have been looking for this thing. But since the other two pieces were found around mountains, I didn't expect the third piece to be down there. I've also been collecting Rushrooms, Swift Violets and Hot-Footed Frogs today to upgrade the climber's set, but the set bonus only makes you consume less stamina while jump climbing. I was hoping that the entire set would allow me to climb during rain, but it only helps a little with the slippery walls. Too bad.


Using the raft found at the Chaas Qeta Shrine, I "sailed" towards Eventide Island for an interesting surprise. The Sheikah Monk takes away all your stuff except for the key items, so you're left naked with only your Sheikah Slate, Paraglider and spiritual upgrades. And again you had to collect three orbs to open a shrine and get your stuff back.

That was not what I expected. I hoped that this island would turn out to be some huge Link's Awakening reference and there certainly are some subtle ones, like the blue seashells at the shore or the bananas. But overall this was a pure survival based mission and I liked it a lot.

The survival aspect of Breath of the Wild is very well done. I enjoy playing games like Minecraft or Don't Starve, where the new Zelda offers a similar playstyle. And it was nice to return to the basics of the Great Plateau in a different environment, which fully fits the survival aspect. Now you have to collect fruits, simple weapons and everything you can find to best the strong enemies on the island.

Downside of this part is that you can't save your game. I started it in the middle of the night, because I just wanted to check out the island before going to bed. Big mistake. I ended up staying on a cliff for probably half an hour, throwing Bombs at a Blue Hinox...

How evil was that? I probably would have been more brave, if it wasn't a blue one. And there are certainly other ways of defeating him successfully. The Mighty Bananas for example can be used to cook some attack boost dish. And if you fight the Bokoblin camp on the mountain first, you will have a good selection of weapons. Also, it seemed like there was a scripted thunderstorm sequence, after the Hinox got hurt for a bit. The weather forecast only showed lightnings and it stopped, right after the Hinox was defeated. You could probably use Magnesis on a metallic weapon to fry the Hinox with lightning blasts.

Well, you receive Korgu Chideh's Blessing for all these efforts, but other than the Spirit Orb it only gives 300 Rupees... Come on! In the very least some armor piece would have been nice.

A Song of Storms

Apropos thunderstorms, Blessing Shrines and armor pieces. This all came together at the big waterfall around Lake Floria. This might explain, why it always stormed in the area, but with the Zora Armor and my now fully completed climbing set I could reach the top, where you have to cast a lightning stroke to reveal a shrine. Well, thanks to my new Thunder Helm all I had to do was stand there. This toy is amazing, you can get hit by a lightning and NOTHING happens to you. Not even a scratch. I love this item and it was so worth the effort.

I don't even have any use for these Rubber Tights that I got from Qukah Nata's Blessing for doing all this. But at least I have another armor set completed.

In the category of shrines, I've also found the Ke'nai Shakah Shrine today - it's well hidden, where I won't spoil it's location, but it does contain another "Modest Test of Strength". It seems like there are at least four strength tests per level, where I'm still missing another Minor Test of Strength somewhere.

I also explored more of the southeastern sea, where I took on two bigger Bokoblin camps. They were both related to some sidequests from the villages, "The Sheep Rustlers" and "Take Back the Sea". It's quite easy to take out the Silver and Black Bokoblins here, because you can just push them into the water, where they will die instantly.

A Dark Horse

Today I found an almost entirely black horse on the Sahasra Slope to the west of Kakariko. And this one might be a keeper, because she got similar stats to Epona. It's only one star missing for the speed, but that's okay.

As you can see in the picture, I gave her the purple mane and named her "Hilda", since I want to name the royal family's white horse "Zelda", as soon as I get her, where this will be her counterpart. To fully bond with Hilda, I rode from the Highland Stable to the various areas around, like through Faron Woods.

And this is, where I started to wonder, what happened to the areas shown in Game Awards 2014 footage. Aonuma rode through many landscapes in this video and it's hard to recognize any of it in the game now, but it's still there. For example near the end you can see him leaving Faron Woods and riding towards the Bridge of Hylia. It's just that the forest wasn't as thick back then and the hill on the left side didn't have the Lake Tower on it yet or any of the sharp rocks. It was just a blank hill.

Anyway, to accommodate my new steed, I finally got all the costume stuff from Kilton, the full Dark Link set, the Monster Bridle and the Monster Saddle. And it just looks superb:

Behold! The Rider of the Apocalypse!

I love what you can do with costumes in this game. Also, with the full Dark Link set equipped the people always react afraid, when they see you, as if you would be swinging your sword around them all the time. But it's attention to details like that, which makes Nintendo games stand out.

Current Progress:
  • Shrines: 84
  • Koroks: 196
  • Divine Beasts: 4

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Breath of the Wild Adventure Log, Entry 15

Sometimes in this game you just want to pick a point and then start wandering from there in any direction to see, what the day brings... Yesterday I stopped playing around the Lake Tower, which was a tough place, when I first arrived there early in the game. But now I just plow through the area, where it's nice to feel the growth every now and then, instead of running into Blue-Maned Lynels and lots of Silver Lizalfos in the area.

So, today I headed off from the Lake Tower and followed down the Menoat River, where after my journey I would be back at the Gerudo Desert, completing all the sidequests in the area and on the way.

Mounted Archery

Before you know it, you're stuck in another horseback minigame that takes a lot of patience. In this case it was the Mounted Archery, causing me quite some frustrations at first. But it is mostly a matter of finding the right bow. At first I used a Royal Bow most of the time, because I got lots of them, however, there's still quite the arc to the shots and it draws only slowly, which makes hitting the targets quite difficult.

The best one in the end (other than the Great Eagle Bow, which I don't want to waste on a minigame) prove to be the Shallow Bow, where you can find some for free around Rito Village. It draws quicker than the Royal Bow and the shots have a good distance, so you can aim straight at the targets, but at the same time it doesn't have the zoom that comes with the Phrenic or the Golden Bow, which is rather annoying in this minigame. Only downside to the Shallow Bow is that it doesn't have much durability, where it only lasts for a little more than one round. So, it's best to work with savegames here.

For the five balloons at the end you want to use a Bow with a spreadshot (e.g. a Lynel's Bow) and use Bomb Arrows to destroy all five targets at once. Oh, and just let the horse do its thing, it will follow the road and you only have to make it go faster in the beginning. If you follow these tips, it's possible to get a perfect score.

You get the Knight's Bridle and Saddle here (the latter takes 23 points), so it's worth the trouble.

Gerudo Canyon Needies

Apropos horse stuff, you can only have a total of five horses in the game. I do want to have all the special horses, where there's Epona, the Ganon horse and seemingly also the white "Royal Steed" (which I will probably name "Zelda"). Maybe you can also have the Stal horse, I don't know. But if you want all the special horses, there's probably only room for one or maybe two horses of your own choosing in the end, which means that I will have to let go of some of them. I have a maximum bond with Firsta and other than being a little slow, I rather like her. And Bridga wasn't too bad either...

So, Contesta had to go first. I never really used her and I only got her because of the horse taming minigame at the Dueling Peaks stable. So, I decided to give her to the guy at Gerudo Canyon, who's looking for a new horse. He's picky about the size, but luckily she was a perfect fit.

Good Bye, Contesta! I never liked you anyway...

Other than that I also found the four friends of the guy, who's waiting at the Gerudo Canyon Stable. I first met him on my third day of playing, almost two weeks ago. And it's funny, how these guys survived for all that time. But it would be annoying, if there was a time limit on these kind of sidequests.

I've also collected the 55 Rushrooms for the other guy at the stable. You get a Diamond for your efforts, but it still feels like this was a little bit too much for one gather quest.

Desert Deeds

Back to my favorite part of the game, I decided to complete all the sidequests around Gerudo Town for the Thunder Helmet and explore all of Gerudo Desert, where I found a couple of shrines, but most of them were simple Blessings, because they were tied into some Shrine Quests.

In case of the Seven Heroines and Korsh O'hu's Blessing I don't mind the choice, because this already was a nice puzzle, where you had to pay close attention to the environment to solve it.

From there you can spot another shrine in the middle of the desert, but when I got there, the terminal was blocked by a Gerudo. She's all about some seemingly alcoholic drink named "Noble Pursuit", where you end up in a quest about delivering a block of ice through some ruins... It's a lot of trouble for one shrine, but it still doesn't justify that Misae Suma would give you yet another Blessing, because normally there would be no challenge of getting there. It was probably so hot in the desert that the Sheikah didn't want to design any puzzles, so they just hand their rewards over to the hero. There's no other explanation, because that Sheikah monk honestly couldn't have foretold that in the exact moment, where some hero would arrive, a Gerudo would block the entrance...

In the very least Kema Zoos delivered, where at the end of the "Silent Swordswomen" quest a nice little "Delayed Puzzle" awaited. Thank you. At least someone around here, who isn't afraid to think in the heat.

By the way, if you climb the rock walls behind the shrine, the game will simply stop you from walking any further...

Okay, that's a lame way to create a world border. I don't mind it, if they do this in the middle of the ocean, since the Wind Waker did the same and there's no point to keep going. But stopping me in the middle of the environment seems a little weird. I liked, how they solved the world border in the north. I wouldn't even think about crossing that gap. And the ocean to the east and south does the trick as well. But they should have done something similar to the west, instead of making you run into an invisible wall in the middle of nowhere... But of course it could also be that they might expand in this direction for the DLC. We'll see.

Also, the heat gets so strong in the outer desert regions that the Gerudo garb doesn't help you anymore, despite its Heat Resistance set bonus. The Goron Armor also doesn't help, which is a little weird, because it should be super hot around Death Mountain. But it supposedly only protects you from flames and catching fire. Well, for now I just used potions and food with Heat Resistance, but one Gerudo made it sound like there's proper gear for the area, which I haven't found yet...

What makes the areas so special are certainly the giant Molduga bosses, where I fought three of them. One at the Southern Oasis, one at Toruma Dunes and at the North Dragon's Exile. They create a similar thrill to the Moldworms in Phantom Hourglass at first, but once you arrived on a stone platform, they are easy to fight. You just have to lure them with bombs or explosive barrels and then you can take your strikes.

Only the enemies in the area might cause some problems. I had Bokoblins pushing me off the platform, a Silver Lizalfos that kept spamming his spit at me and several Electric Keese causing frustrations. I especially hate the latter, those bats are real brats. Unless you fight them off quickly with a spear weapon, they will make you drop your things and cause a lot of damage. Well, luckily all of this was for an item that grants you protection from electricity.

Anyway, one of these Molduga fights led to Tho Kayu's Blessing and there was Raqa Zunzo's Blessing as a reward from the Sand-Seal race. At least there they made it so that you claim an orb, where the orb could have been anywhere, so story-wise the Blessing works for me in that case. The Sand-Seal Rally also was quite fun, much more enjoyable than any of the horse-related minigames so far...

Last but not least, I made it to the Hawa Koth Shrine with the nice "Current Solution" puzzle, where in the area I found my first Great Thunderblade for my collection at home and my last Great Fairy. She needed 10,000 Rupees, where I had to sell a majority of my gems to make it happen, but I now can finally upgrade all armor the maximum (where applicable), where the final upgrade animation wasn't a letdown and as hilarious as usual.

It seems that there really are only four Great Fairies in the game (plus that horse god), which means that four stars is the maximum for your armor. I also discovered another maximum with the Stamina Wheels. I completed my third wheel today, where the Goddess Statue told me that I wouldn't need any more. I was hoping that this would be the case and even if it wasn't, I probably would have stopped at three wheels, because it's sufficient and I want to invest into more Heart Containers from now on. But it seems that with roughly 40 shrines left I could only get a total of 27 Heart Containers (three missing for two complete rows), unless the DLC will offer additional Heart Containers or Spirit Orbs.

In any case I completed today's task of helping all the Gerudo, where I finally claimed the Thunder Helm. It makes you "Lightning Proof", where from now on those Electric Keese shouldn't fry me anymore. I also liked, how you had this surrounding quest, where the goal was to do all the sidequests around Gerudo Town. It really adds to the fact that the Gerudo Desert is the best part of the game.

Current Progress:
  • Shrines: 79
  • Koroks: 181
  • Divine Beasts: 4

Friday, March 17, 2017

Breath of the Wild Adventure Log, Entry 14

Maze Runner

I haven't made much progress the last two days, mostly just exploring some environments. This includes the far north, where I visited the Sha Gehma Shrine with small, but nice "Shift and Lock" puzzle. And from there I made my way past a White-Maned Lynel to the North Lomel Labyrinth.

I didn't find it as impressive as the one in the south, mostly because it didn't have the same maze-quality to it. You could read most of the labyrinth on the map and you could probably skip to the end by climbing the walls. Exploring the entire labyrinth took much longer, but also didn't seem all that worthwhile, save for Qaza Tokki's Blessing at the end.

Next stop was the Thyphlo Ruins, where you can locate Ketoh Wawai's Blessing, if you make it through some really dark forest. And I mean REALLY dark...

This takes me back to the early Twilight Princess trailers, where Link explored some forest at night with his lantern. It's just a little bit more intense here, because you can't see anything without a torch. I want to fully explore this area, as soon as I got that glowing costume, which you can buy at Gerudo Town.

I haven't done the labyrinth at Akkala yet, but I did open the shrine for Ritaag Zumo's Blessing at the Rist Peninsula, where you have to carry an orb over a circling area through the water. There are lots of Black Moblins and Lizalfos here without any weapons for some easy prey, but they will try to grab on to your orb and throw it, if you're not careful.

Trying amiibo

This is something that I hadn't done so far, because it felt like cheating. But everything in the game has gotten so expansive now that I really can use all the materials, Rupees and so on. Upgrading armor is especially expansive and I reached a point, where I don't feel bad about using amiibo.

Also, I've heard that there are exclusive armor sets and weapons that you can get by scanning the various Zelda amiibo. Supposedly this includes many classic looks and weapons for Link, e.g. the Hero's Tunic or the Biggoron Sword. There's even a full Fierce Deity Link set in the game, however, you can only get it from some Majora's Mask Link amiibo, which hasn't been released yet. The same goes for a Skyward Sword set. See a guide with a full list of exclusives on Reddit.

I'm not sure, how I feel about this. On the one hand I didn't want the new Link to slowly transform back into classic Link during the game, where he gets the Hero's Tunic, rides on Epona and uses his indestructible Hylian Shield, because that would be boring. He has the Master Sword, but it's limited now and otherwise the game focuses on new things, which is good. Also, all these items don't make much sense in the game. So, adding this kind of stuff as amiibo presents might have been the right solution, because it doesn't really count and it gives the amiibo owners something special that is related to the figurines.

On the other hand I like, how you can get the Dark Link costume in the game, which isn't some amiibo exclusive, and there's no real reason, why the other stuff shouldn't be available on similar means. I'm not a fan of the practice of locking collectible items behind amiibo, where I was quite happy about the fact that Tri Force Heroes didn't go that route. Since I got all the Zelda amiibo, I won't miss out, but it certainly sucks for everyone, who wants to complete their armor collections, but doesn't want to invest as much money into figurines...

Other than those special armor pieces and weapons, you can also get Epona with the Smash Link amiibo, where I got her right away. And she's essentially a cheat horse with best stats, who is fully tamed right away:

She pretty much makes all the other horses obsolete and this is the stuff that I was afraid about. But since she's just an "amiibo cheat", I can live with it. It seems like the amiibo give you the things that shouldn't be in the game. You can't rename her, by the way, the stable owner will recognize her as the Horse of Legend.

Well, I gave the obstacle course at the Highland Stable another go, where the key to winning seems to not use the A button to speed up, unlike in past Zelda games, where you had to speed up to jump over fences. I'm not sold on the new horse controls and it took me many tries to finally beat this minigame, because the steering has similar issues to Twilight Princess HD, though it's not as bad. I also had it quite often that Epona would try to avoid the obstacles going either left or right, where then she would stop in front of the poles. Playing this minigame was rather frustrating, where I almost was about to anger that horse god around the corner...

But I haven't done much with horses in the game so far, to be honest. I usually just walk through the areas, keeping an eye out for Koroks. The obstacle course even gave me my first set of horse gear and the Archer Link amiibo gave me a second one. But otherwise I didn't find a single piece of horse equipment anywhere yet, except for the one in Kilton's shop. I suppose, most of it might be related to other horseback minigames like at the Mounted Archery Camp. By the way, those horse armor pieces were out into the "Key Items" menu, which feels kind of odd. It probably could have gotten its own inventory space.

Of course I also had to try Wolf Link and this is easily my favorite amiibo usage made by Nintendo. It feels really good having him around and he sticks quite for a while. You can even summon him again, e.g. after you teleported, as long as he didn't run out of health.

Major Tests of Strength

Breath of the Wild really is about getting stronger, much more than in any other Zelda game before. And I'm more and more invested in the fighting. I made my way through Lanayru Promenade today and for some reason I ended up with four or five Royal Broaswords with Critical Hits, which is a superb weapon. So, I decided to take on the Lynel at Purifier Lake with success. When I first fought it there, I didn't stand a chance. By now it was replaced by a Blue-Maned Lynel and I could beat the thing without any bigger losses.

However, when I tried taking on another Blue-Maned Lynel at Oseira Plains, I was faced with troubles once again. I also don't like, how quickly the game upgrades its enemies everywhere. I now felt ready to fight normal Lynels, but the game simply replaced them all with blue ones. It feels like you never make any progress.

Anyway, I wanted to burn through some good weapons somehow, where I decided to try the Major Tests of Strengths. I found three shrines so far that offer these and I avoided them up until now, because I didn't feel ready. Well, I'm ready now and the fights were absolutely enjoyable. I especially liked the rooms with water on the ground, where you could use Cryonis to shield yourself during the fight.

But it didn't really help with my weapon situation, because I just ended up with lots of good Guardian gear and the Flamespear from the dragon quest... Well, let's see, what I shall hunt next...

Current Progress:
  • Shrines: 73
  • Koroks: 163
  • Divine Beasts: 4

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Breath of the Wild Adventure Log, Entry 13

Wood and Armor

After obtaining the complete Zora set, the next goal in my sidequest tour was to complete Tarrey Town, because I enjoyed this quest and really liked the idea about it.

But before I could continue, I needed to collect lots of wood and decided to head for the Necluda region for that. I haven't been exploring this much after early in the game and it seems like the threat level has risen quite much on the overworld. I find Silver Bokoblins around every corner by now and they are a real threat, because they do insane damage and are tough to take down. I can deal with the Black Bokoblins just fine now, but that the game keeps throwing the silver ones at me is not much fun at the moment.

But it also seems like you can heavily upgrade all your armor in this game. So far I've only found two Great Fairies and heard about another one in the desert region. Well, there's also one right next to Tarrey Town in Akkala, where I was completely blind, because I had been using the shrine right next to as a teleport point many times now. Well, with this huge world is easy to miss stuff, if you're focused on the main goals.

Anyway, I can upgrade stuff to three stars now and the Great Fairy even talks about missing sisters (plural), where they might be at least five Great Fairies in the game world. And if you can go up another level with your armor with each one of them, there will be a lot to upgrade. The material costs get very expansive, though. I almost feel bad that I invested so many monster parts into Hilton's joke costumes, because I probably should have focused on getting better armor first for those nasty Silver Bokoblins.

Well, I've found quite some Koroks in the Necluda area and finally solved that "Great Bandit" sidequest from the Dueling Peaks Stable after all this time. The treasure is easy to find, but I was so distracted with other things around the area that I didn't bother with it yet.

I also want to complete the climber's armor set next in the hope that the set bonus lets you climb on wet surfaces without slipping down. That would be a very useful ability, because it rains way too often, especially when you're ready for some climbing. The Climber's Boots already help with that a little, but you can still slip.

I even got both the Snow Boots and the Sand Boots from the guy, who runs around Gerudo Town and is really into Linkle. So, my armor collection is slowly growing, where this seems to be the one major collectible task in the game other than the Koroks.

Akkala Arrangements

Well, my intuition about Tarrey Town was on spot. It really grows into a community, where at least one member of every tribe makes a living.

Next was Rhondson of the Gerudo, who is a character that caught my eye early in the game. There she was just usually sleeping under her little tent, where I found it funny that you have a character like this. But who would thought that she will turn out to be as important?

The same goes for the Rito, Fyson. Remember, how I complained that his desire to open a shop was boring? Well, I take it back. And Kapson ended at Tarrey Town as well, where I guessed right that Hudson would marry the Gerudo girl. That's just a nice and funny nod to Ocarina of Time, where the carpenters (who all looked a little bit like Hudson) wanted to check out the Gerudo with no luck. Well, thousands of year later their ancestor finally made it!

And you finally get to attempt a wedding in a Zelda game. Well, this sidequest doesn't have the same level of complexity and emotions as the Anju & Kafei quest in Majora's Mask. All you really do here is gathering lots of wood and talking to people, whose names end on -son. And the whole thing is more about the humor and watching this little place grow. It's still nice to see that there are sidequests in this game, which lead to more than just doing super basic stuff to receive junk.

With this Breath of the Wild also reached the maximum number of towns in a Zelda game. So far the record holder always used to be Zelda II - The Adventure of Link with its seven towns (eight, if you count Old Kasuto), where Breath of the Wild has eight full towns to offer. And there might be even more, where it could be that there's still a town somewhere, which I haven't found yet.

Current Progress:
  • Shrines: 66
  • Koroks: 139
  • Divine Beasts: 4

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Breath of the Wild Adventure Log, Entry 12

Return to the Great Plateau

My goal for today's evening was completing the Zora Armor, where I'm still missing the helmet and I also haven't fully upgraded it yet. For the latter I needed lots of Hyrule Bass, so I went back to the Great Plateau, because you can get plenty of them there easily.

To my surprise, I ran into a Silver Bokoblin. So, the game does alter the enemies for some increased difficulty here and there! In this case it really might be that I just saw some Moblins at the Oseira Plains early in the game and not Lynels. But I will test this, whenever I replay the game.

Anyway, going back to the Great Plateau feels so strange. As if this place was from another life. I've grown so much in the meantime, where the Great Plateau really was about simpler times. And I kind of miss the Old Man, it feels very empty without him around.

I've also found a couple of Koroks and some treasure chests with arrows, which I haven't found early in the game. You really learn how to keep an eye for these things during the course of the game.

Chests in Shrines

I haven't noticed this before, but the map displays a chest symbol next to all shrines, where you've gotten all the chests inside. That's such a nice feature for completionists like myself! I've only been missing two chests, though, in the following shrines:

Ka'o Makagh (Metal Doors Open the Way)
Mo'a Keet Shrine (Metal Makes a Path)

I've also went back to the Kuh Takkar Shrine (Melting Ice Hazard), but there I just left a Forstblade for later on purpose. I would have been really astonished, if I missed something in this shrine, after spending so much time inside. But the Goron Armor actually protects you from the flames here, so that you can walk just right through them. I wish I had this armor, when I did the puzzle. Would have made things much easier.

The Divine Beast also don't seem to have such a chest icon. It's either that or I missed a chest in every one of them. Well, it would be frustrating, if you had your savegame stained like this, since you can't return to these dungeons. So, it's probably for the best, if they don't have such an icon.

The Quest for the Zora Helmet

I can't find this thing... I've completed the monument sidequest today, where it was fun looking for them all. This took so long, because I didn't want the old Zora telling me about the locations. But I "only" got a diamond for my efforts and not the Zora Helmet, as I had hoped.

And now I'm at a loss here. There is talk about an Armor Shop, which had closed business, but I have no clue, how you can restore it, if that's even, what you're supposed to do...

But while looking for the monuments I fought the Lynel on top of Ploymus Mountain for the first time and the Hinox at Ralis Pond again. Both fights went really well, where I've gotten a lot better at fighting and also got much better weapons now, which helps. I also found out a simple way of getting lots of health restoring food. All the "hearty" ingredients like Hearty Radish or Hearty Truffles, which give you these yellow extra hearts, always give you a full recovery. So, you can just cook them on their own, a single piece. This might only give you one extra heart, but it's a good way to make lots and lots of food giving you a full recovery.

And while I didn't have any luck finding the Zora Helmet, I did find something even better. Hilton appeared at night next to Zora's Domain (so, he's not restricted to Lake Akkala) and had something new in store. A full Dark Link costume! I only could afford the mask so far, but it looks good together with the rest of my Zora Armor, haha.

I like the animation of the pointed hat and I wonder, if the game also has the classic Hero's Tunic hidden somewhere... If not, it's probably the reward for doing the Cave of Trials in the first DLC. That's where I would put it.

But I can only say this again: the new armor system is excellent and gives you so many fun options. It's like they've been combining the outfits from Tri Force Heroes with the masks from Majora's Mask. The abilities might not be as versatile, but I really enjoy, how you can alter Link's appearance in many different ways!

I did find the Zora Helmet after all! It turned out that all you had to do was deciphering the decayed monument on your own. So, I remembered correctly that these quests are connected. You might even find the helmet by accident and I simply missed it, when I checked the specific area...

But mission accomplished! It even lets you do a small spin attack in the water, so it's not just for the looks! Also, with the entire set bonus your swimming stamina increases A LOT.

On a site note: there's a KapSON in Zora's Domain, who wants to wed a couple. If the Tarrey Town sidequest leads to Hudson marrying a Gerudo, that would be hilarous! I'd also like the idea, if at least one of each race might end up living in that town. So, I might focus on this quest next.

Current Progress:
  • Shrines: 66
  • Koroks: 126
  • Divine Beasts: 4

Monday, March 13, 2017

Breath of the Wild Adventure Log, Entry 11

Akkala Citadel Ruins

Saying that the Akkala Tower is the best protected tower in the game would be an understatement. The other towers all have their quirks around them, but this place was a fortress. It starts with the Guardian Skywatchers, but luckily they really just focus on their red beams, so they are easy enough to avoid. You can just climb up the fortress on a safe spot, unless it keeps storming like in my case.

But it's not just the Skywatchers, the upper area and the lower third of the tower are covered in that cursed Ganon Goo, where you have to be a little creative to build a bridge. I saw a metal door at a lower level, which probably can be used for this and might even shield you from the sights of a Skywatcher, but I haven't tested this and just settled for some boxes and hurt feet instead. And there was my second fight against a Silver Bokoblin in the game, which are quite the tanks.

Akkala Assessment

For my troubles I got rewarded with the Akkala map, which is filled with Link's Awakening references, such as:
  • Kanalet Ridge
  • Malin Bay
  • Ukuku Plains
  • Ulria Grotto
And for this alone it was worth it, since this was my first Zelda game, where it always will have a special place in my heart. However, I couldn't spot a "Spring of Power" on the map, which was my goal yesterday, where I was on the way to complete the Three Dragon Quest (no, not the one from Skyward Sword, don't worry).

It seems that the names of the springs (and potentially other special places) will only appear on your map, if you've actually been there. So, it technically could have been anywhere and I was back to the start. But I noted, how in the Akkala region there is a spot, which resembles one of the springs, and I decided to head there next.

On my way there I also went to the South Akkala Stable and the Ze Kasho Apparatus Shrine, where surprisingly I hadn't been there yet. I saw the shrine a couple of times from a distance, but then usually went somewhere else.

Anyway, I did spot the Spring of Power on the map correctly, where even another memory of a frustrated Zelda awaits. Unlike the other two springs, the Tutsuwa Nima Shrine doesn't offer you a Blessing, but wants a "Major Test of Strength". I'll keep those for later, so I didn't collect all elemental spears yet.

I also wondered, what's the point of the Skywatcher maze that leads to the spring? You can just go around it and drop down at any site. Unless there's something hidden in the middle of the maze, it will be pretty pointless.

Tarrey Town

If you thought that this game doesn't have enough villages yet, you can help built a new one! I did enjoy the house quest at Hateno Village, so it's good to see that Hudson is up to something more here. As a help he needs some strong people to take care of the boulders, but with the company's policy of only hiring persons, whose names end on "son", you can't just ask anyone. Of course Gorons are best for the job and lucky for Hudson I wanted to head for Goron City next anyway...

But I already found him a first villager, even though that guy is more of an outcast...

Scary Mask Salesman

Some people in Akkala tell you about a weird guy named "Kilton" causing trouble, but for some reason I remembered his name as "Kilson", where I thought that he might also be a candidate to help out with Tarrey Town. But turns out that this is not what this was about...

Right when I was getting a little sick about all the generic NPCs in this game, suddenly this guy shows up and saves the day. I simply like it, when Zelda games have curious characters such as this one, because they stick in your memory.

Now, Kilton feels like they crossed Beedle with Batreaux and the Happy Mask Salesman. He's obsessed with monsters and buys monster parts from you, where you received his own currency called "Mon". With it you can buy some funny stuff, like masks for the four different main monster types:

There's the Bokoblin Mask, the Moblin Mask, the Lizalfos Mask and even a Lynel Mask. And with them you can supposedly trick them into thinking that you're one of their own. I wonder, if you can actually tame and ride a Lynel with this, but I haven't tried yet and apparently these masks don't work for long, because the monsters aren't entirely stupid. But it's funny to look at and I love, how Link imitates the typical poses of the monsters:

It's a nice feature and shows, how much variety the new armor system can offer. Kilton also sells some other stuff, like a joke weapon and some demonic horse gear, but I haven't really played around with horses that much. So far I just went with the standard stuff that I got from the stables.

Death Mountain Trail

Now I had to pick up, where I started about a week ago. When I first hiked to Death Mountain, I also came from the Akkala region and headed for Eldin Tower. I was constantly hindered by the burning hot zones and I viewed this as a big obstacle, where I had to find a good solution. So, I decided to focus on other areas first and went all around the world in the meantime.

But something felt fishy about this, where I knew that there had to be an easy way to get to Goron City. So, before I tried cooking up something random, I thought it would be best to return to the Foothill Stable and just gather information. And yeah, turns out that all I had to do here was talking to people. Since many of the NPCs in this game tend to be very generic, I ignore them all, unless they have a red exclamation mark bubble above their heads. But there's a girl at the stable, who sells Fireproof Elixirs to tourists. which you can use to walk through the burning heat and just continue the path to Goron City. It's that easy and looking at the elixirs in your inventory even tells you the recipe, where you just need some Fireproof Lizards, which run around Death Mountain. And yesterday I thought that I would need Naydra's Scale or something crazy...

So, that's it, now I all I had to do is keep walking and enjoy the nice remix of the classic Death Mountain dungeon theme from the first The Legend of Zelda game. I quickly arrived at the Southern Mine, where I already found the candidates for Tarrey Town: Greyson and his son Felison. That's almost too easy!

Goron City

After the traditional Death Mountain greeting that is caused by Vah Rudania, I finally arrived at Goron City. And I like, what they've done with the place! It's very different from Goron City in Ocarina of Time and they even have a different music theme going on here. It's all hard and rough, as you'd imagine a Goron's life. They have a mining operation going on and it all fits the Goron race perfectly. Sadly, it doesn't seem like I can ask anyone, where all their vais are or how they procreate, since otherwise Link was never afraid to ask the awkward questions in this game.

Well, there's the Shae Mo'sah Shrine on the hills with some fire puzzles and you can buy a Goron Armor (it's actually called "Flamebreaker Armor") in the shops, where the helmet is super expansive (2000 Rupees), but still entirely worth it, because it makes Link look a Goron. And all those gems that I had collected on the way needed to be good for something.

Come to think of it, I still haven't gotten that Zora helmet, where I probably should finish the monument quest. That might also make Link look more like a Zora, similar to the Zora Armor from Twilight Princess. But I'm quite happy, how silly the Goron Armor turned out to be, because it's just fitting with these guys.

You can also upgrade it at Tabantha's Great Fairy for a "Fireproof" bonus, where you need a dozen of these Fireproof Lizards. I set my Sheikah Sensor to them to gather the quickly. I don't like using the sensor for shrines, because it feels like cheating, even though it's far from being as ridiculous as the Dowsing in Skyward Sword. But it's nice for finding these little things and this led me back the Southern Mine, where you have a tourist, who grants you a piece of the Flamebreaker Armor for ten of the Fireproof Lizards... Could have saved me some money, if I knew this earlier... Again, talking to people helps. Just do it.

Well, with my shiny new armor I now finally could explore all around Goron City without the need of elixirs. There's the Daqa Koh Shrine near the Bridge of Eldin, which has a nice Stasis puzzle for a change! Often I forget that this Rune ability even exists in the game. Bombs and Magnesis see a lot of use, Cryonis is only useful in certain places, but Stasis seems more like the secret skill of the game. I'm sure that it has some good uses, I haven't even tried using the monster freezing yet, but the game doesn't exactly encourage you to use it.

I also wondered, how the Koroks survive in the scorching heat. Shouldn't they just go up in flames...?

Anyway, I continued in the Abandoned Mine after one failed round there. For some reason I was at first under the impression that all the cannons are defunct and merely decoration. Or something that you need to repair later on. So, I fought my way through the area by hand, where my arsenal of ice weapons certainly helped a lot. I then wondered, what you had to do with the trapped Goron, where I even returned to the ailing Goron Elder to talk about it with no luck.

But it turned out that you can just use the cannons to blow everything up. And I mean everything. It even destroys those skull caves that the Bokoblins like so much. It's a lot of fun to use this and fight your way through the area...

Divine Beast Vah Rudania

Taking down the Divine Beasts was so far always absolutely faced paced and glorious, where I expected that you would go all Groose-style here and mount a cannon on one of the minecart rail tracks to attack the thing. That would have been epic. But instead you're getting into a little stealth segment around Death Mountain crater, where you have to take out several Sentries - they are like a harmless variant of the Skywatchers.

The nice part about this is that you have the Goron Yunobo follow you around. You can even command him with the whistle button, which was a smart idea. This type of coop action is what I had imagined, when I first saw the artworks of the four Champions. Just that they would also use their weapons and fight enemies with their AI. (And that you might even be able to switch to them and control them.) But appears that the little segment with Yunobo here is all I get...

I do, however, understand that it probably would have been difficult to implement this coop play inside the dungeons like they did in the Wind Waker with the way how the dungeons are controlled via the map. Vah Rudania has the simplest controls of them all with only two options, but the most impressive controls at the same time. The entire dungeon tilts by 90°, so that you can essentially walk on walls. Even more three dimensional thinking is required here than with the other Divine Beasts and I even got a little dizzy at times.

The running around revolving edges also felt very familiar to me, where only the Goron Mines from Twilight Princess came to mind at first. But it's something that you do in some levels of the later 3D Mario games, so that's where I already learned the skills.

And again, playing around with the Divine Beast felt super impressive. They really did something outstanding with the dungeons and finally got away from the typical temples and palaces of the series.

This particular Divine Beast also had a special segment in the beginning, where you're in completely dark rooms hunting those Phantom Eyes. I really liked that. But overall the difficulty of the dungeon was a letdown. There was only one measly low-level Guardian Scout in the dungeon and the boss was also not very difficult. In fact the fight was very similar to the one on the flying Divine Beast Vah Medoh. You just have to shoot the thing in the eyes...

I'm really disappointed about this, because the first boss that I have faced was the one of Vah Naboris, which almost had Dark Souls boss qualities to it. It was fast and frightening and you really had to master your combat skills with this fight. But the others couldn't keep up with that. They all look really cool, though. I give them that.

Well, now it was time for the "HERE IT COMES" Goron, whose name is "Daruk" and where "it" was in fact his Champion ability. That's completely not what I had imagined after the trailer... With this ability it makes the most sense that you can disable them, because you'd really want to save this for some big guys.

Interestingly, the game avoids to list the four Divine Beasts in any specific order. It's different everywhere on the interface. At first I thought that the loading screen lists the Divine Beasts in the order I've beaten them, but this was mere coincidence. So far it showed me Elephant, Camel and Bird, which is how I had beaten the dungeons, but now it's:


The Champion abilities on your HUD are ordered the following way, which is the same as when you order the Key Item in your inventory:


But the bosses in Hyrule Compendium are ordered as follows:


If anything, the Elephant might come first, which makes sense, because it's the closest to Kakariko. But it doesn't really matter, because this game has the same problem as A Link Between Worlds, where the difficulty of the dungeons is mostly on a low level, so you can do it in any order. Only the Camel and its boss really stood out in my opinion, where I'm proud to have chosen them as my first mission. Well, maybe the upcoming Hard Mode in the DLC will do something about the easy dungeons, I would really like that.

End of Day 11 Progress
  • Shrines: 66
  • Koroks: 119
  • Divine Beasts: 4

Note: Future Updates

Today was my last day of vacation and I'm really happy with the progress that I've made in these 11 days. I visited all the areas of this gigantic new Hyrule, did over half of the shrines and all of the main quests. Overall I've spent exactly 100 hours with the game so far. There's still lots to do in the game, where I will focus on doing sidequests in my home time during weekdays. Fighting the big bad is my goal for next weekend.

But from now on there probably won't be any daily posting anymore, because I simply won't have as much time. I will keep doing these posts on weekends and maybe some small updates in between. You'll see.

So far I've also been fully avoiding GameFAQs or other sources, which might tell me stuff about the game. I want to keep it that way, which is why comments still are disabled. I want to find out everything on my own and discover all the surprises on my own. This might lead to some stupid situations, where I can't figure out, how to get to Goron City for days, but that's all part of the experience.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Breath of the Wild Adventure Log, Entry 10

Hebra Hiking

With the Snowquill armor set I finally had the necessary means to freely explore the extreme cold areas, where there seem to be three in the game: Mount Lanayru, the Gerudo Highlands and the Hebra Mountains to the north of Rito Village.

I went to the latter first, where I had mostly issues with despawning entities. For example I wanted to take a picture of a Moose, when it disappeared right in front of me. And I fought a Steppe Talus up in the mountains, where it reset, after I tried to get some distance. I get that the game can't just keep processing everything for miles, but in these cases I was still in the proximity...

Well, up there in the mountains is another Blessing Shrine offered by the lazy Lanno Kooh. All you had to do here was crossing some ice water without the help of Cryonis. It's like the game isn't even trying anymore...

From there I made my way to Hebra Tower, where you only have to melt some ice to get up. Thing is that melting the larger icicles in this game takes forever. In past Zelda games you would shoot it with one Fire Arrow and it was gone. Here you have to make a fire and watch it melt slowly. You can also just stand right next to it with a Flameblade, but you can go grab a coffee in the meantime. It takes that long and sometimes the game is too realistic for its own good.

From the Hebra Tower you have quick access to two new shrines and stables: the Rin Oyaa Shrine (that one had a clever chest) at the Snowfield Stable and the Monya Toma Shrine at the Serenne Stable. I gathered 15 Heart Containers at this point, where it was finally time to try it again...

Claiming the Master Sword

Well, I got it...! Turns out that you only need 13 hearts to pull it, which is an odd number, but whatever... And I was right about the Master Sword being limited in this game. It doesn't break permanently, but like with the Champion abilities there is a cooldown for the sword, after you've used up its energy. It also doesn't take one of your existing inventory slots, but adds a new one (just getting the "You can't carry any more melee weapons" message after drawing the Master Sword would have been hilarious).

It does 30 damage normally, where it's even surpassed by certain weapons, but it does 60 damage with Evil's Bane, which only seems to work around the cursed things. It's not as much as I had anticipated, but still seems to be the strongest weapon in the game and you can even use it against Guardians. You can wreck them with the Master Sword and I even managed to tip one over, which was hilarious.

Storming Hyrule Castle

Like when Link got the Master Sword in Hyrule Warriors, I started feeling cocky and decided to pay Hyrule Castle a visit. While trying to fight Ganon at this point crossed my mind, I mostly wanted to check the place out to assess the situation there and to see what I will be up against.

Yesterday I had the ingenious idea to climb one of the pillars around the castle, but that doesn't work, because they are made out of the Sheikah tech metal that prevents you from climbing. But you can still cross the castle moat quite easily, where my new Revali's Gale ability came in handy to get some height at first. Well, I approached from the east side and was able get into one of the tunnels of the castle basement, where you have a series of holdings. And I was not disappointed by the atmosphere one bit.

This wouldn't be the first Zelda game that has some dark version of Hyrule Castle as its final dungeon, but this exceeds it all. You really feel, how evil has plagued Hyrule Castle for a hundred years. The place is gloomy, decayed, dirty, rotten with the dark goo that Ganon spreads everywhere and filled with black enemies (where I thought that they are the strongest kind). But you can also find some really good weapons here, for example I found my first Blizzard Rod in the game just waiting in one of the cells.

The dungeon seems also to be quite big with lots of tunnels spreading out. It reminded me of the Great Palace in that sense. But after exploring for a little bit, I decided to finish the main quests, before I proceed here. Warping out of the dungeon places you right in front of the castle gate, where this was the way, how I first arrived at the Hyrule Castle Town Ruins. It's very reminiscent of Hyrule Castle Town from Twilight Princess, but you have to look closely to recognize this, because the damage done here is just breathtaking. It's all in ruins and covered by the dark goo, with Guardians idling around. (They really idled, like the one at the beach. Probably on energy saving mode.)

I also noticed here, how the Guardian Skywatchers aren't exactly the biggest threat. One went right past me on the bridge. It appears that you need to step into their red lights, where I probably should give the Akkala Tower another try. That's the only tower that I haven't conquered yet.

Warber's Nest

After visiting what probably is the darkest place in the game, I needed something adorable to cheer me up. So, how about some Rito ducklings performing a song? I started this Shrine Quest last night and wanted to finish it earlier today, where I had the issue that I forget what ingredients I got from the various Rito girls for the cooking. Normally the Adventure Log keeps track of every little detail, which is a nice feature, because you don't have to remember everything or write things down. But seemingly it doesn't work all the time, where the Adventure Log just kept telling me to gather the five sisters without taking note of the individual steps. And the sisters won't tell you about it either...

I figured it out anyway, but then I was at loss about what to do exactly at the Warber's Nest. There are five numbered stones with a hole in the middle and the girlies sing notes in a specific order. The order was clear, but I didn't know what to do with the stones. I tried shooting arrows through the the middle, even throwing round bombs through them... with no reaction. I was confused, but all you had to do was talking to one of the sisters to figure it out, so silly me.

To my surprise the shrine didn't turn out to be yet another Blessing, but the so called "Winding Route" trial by Voo Lota. It reminded me somewhat of the minidungeon at the north end of Eldin Bridge in Twilight Princess, where you jump down in the lava, but get caught by magnetic streams. It's wind streams here, but otherwise a similar concept. And I'm always happy to see a good shrine.

It just seems that the Blessing Shrines are a little misplaced, like there's one after solving the "Secret of the Cedars" near Mount Lanayru. You can just stumble over the shrine randomly while exploring without ever listening to the riddle. So, getting "Tahno O'ah's Blessing" here was another shrine letdown. And it even gives you an unique piece of gear all for just running through the mountains...

Gerudo Highlands

I'm very annoyed about the fact that there are no Item Checks in this game. The weapon system would be much more enjoyable, if you could store and collect them somewhere, maybe even have them repaired for a fee. Right now I'm constantly faced with the first-world-hero-problem of having too many good weapons. I don't want to waste them on small fries, so the game forces me invest them properly. Most of all I have many flame and frost blades, where I want to save the frost blades for Death Mountain. Luckily, I can fully access all cold areas now, so I decided to pay the Gerudo Highlands another visit, where the flame blades make short work of all the Ice-Breath Lizalfos. One of my goals here was to look for that Eight Heroine, which is a sidequest for some piece of gear.

I made it to the Kuh Takkar Shrine with the "Melting Ice Hazard" trial, which was one of the most difficult puzzles in the game so far. Took me about half an hour and quite some creativity to solve this problem, but it was truly genius.

Up to this point I thought that the black tier enemies are the elite, but it seems that there is even another tier in this game, where I met my first Silver Bokoblin. Might there even be gold enemies? There's also a "White-Maned Lynel" patrolling Gerudo Summit, but I'm not sure, what his "tier" exactly was. I just watched from a vantage point, where he started to fire arrows like an artillery in utmost precision at me.

Around the area you have even more slow ice melting to do, if you want to find all treasures, but there are often also enemies inside the ice. You can see the silhouette, however, if you walk around the ice blocks and look closely. Also, Farosh is active in this area, which surprised me, because he's far from home here. I would have expected to meet Dinraal instead.

Well, after I found the Eight Heroine, I moved north and found the well hidden Kah Okeo Shrine with the "Wind Guide" trial. Here you have a funny physics puzzle with a platform floating with the help of balloons.

The Three Dragons

Probably the most interesting goal under the cold areas was Mount Lanayru, where several questions about the three dragons were answered at once. Where is the dragon of Lanayru? What do I have to do to claim their scales?

Turns out Naydra is caught up in the cursed goo and you have to free her. And to get on the dragon scales all you have to do is shoot them in the head with an arrow... Who does that?!! Since these dragons don't attack you, I never tried attacking them. I first thought that I had to climb them on their backs to reach the head somehow, but this had proven to be difficult. And all this time a headshot would have sufficed...

Right afterwards I headed for Farosh at Lake Floria and got his scale as well, where I finally solved that Serpent's Jaw Shrine Quest. In both cases a Blessing Shrine (by Jitan Sa'mi and Shae Katha) awaited me, where you get elemental spears for your efforts. It seems that for every weapon type there is one weapon for each of the three elements in this game: fire, ice and electricity. For example there are Ice Arrows, the Frostblade, the Giant Frostblade and the Frostspear. All that seems missing are corresponding shields, where a Frostshield would be awesome. It could offer better protection against fire attacks and freeze your enemies, if they hit the shield. It would be similar for a Flameshield and a Thundershield.

But I had my house finished today with and for the decorations I'm currently using the elemental swords, where matching shields would be nice. Maybe these shields exist in the game and I haven't found them yet, but if not, then there's still the DLC coming...

So, all what was left was Dinraal, where I met him at the Tanagar Canyon after descending from the Gerudo Highlands and got my scale there. I also got a "Shard of Dinraal's Fang" at Hyrule Castle today, where I wonder, if they can be gotten by shooting a dragon's hands and if they are used to craft those elemental spears (if they can't be gotten otherwise).

Well, all I had to do now was bringing the scale to the spring, but I didn't have a clue, where it could be. My first instinct was the thunder cloud area near Ridgeland Tower, but this was a shrine puzzle by Toh Yahsa, where you had to bring some orbs to their goal without using metal tools. I fully expected another Blessing Shrine here, but was positively surprised with the "Buried Secrets" trial, which was a fun and simple puzzle. You can use a magnetic block here like some wrecking ball to smash through lots of cracked blocks. You get a Rubber Armor in this shrine and when I went for Farosh I also found the Rubber Helm, so I'm onto something here. And I like getting these unique pieces of gear.

Afterwards I decided to use my head and simply look for the "Spring of Power" on my map, since the other scales were offered at the Spring of Wisdom and the Spring of Courage. Well, it turns out, it's not on my map, which means that it's located in Akkala, where I haven't conquered the tower yet. And this leaves us with another problem...

To be continued...

Other than Akkala my Goal for tomorrow will be exploring Death Mountain and getting to Goron City. The scales of the dragons can apparently be used to cook something with high level protection. Or at least I think, they do. So, this might be my ticket.

On the other hand this might not be necessary... So far cooking elixirs and food with resistance was fully optional, there was usually some other way. For example you can eat something with Spicy Peppers, if you want to get to Mount Hylia without doing the quest for the Warm Doublet first. Or you can just travel at night through Gerudo Desert. There should be a similar solution here, because I would hate it, if I run out of resistance time, before I get to my goal. Also, so far all the tribe's areas were quite accessible right from the start, which encourages you to do these quests in any order. Maybe Goron City is even underground and there are safe tunnels leading to it. Let's see...

End of Day 10 Progress
  • Shrines: 63
  • Koroks: 113
  • Divine Beasts: 3