Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 - The Year of Fierce Deity

Another year went by and while we have a big year for Zelda ahead of us with the 30th Anniversary, this year wasn't too bad either. We got one new remake, one new multiplayer game and some more DLC. And all of it had one constant: Fierce Deity Link was in it. Ever since I first played Majora's Mask 15 years ago I was fascinated by this dark being and hoping that we would be able to play as the Fierce Deity again at some point.

Hyrule Warriors then made my wish come true first with its Majora's Mask DLC early in the year. The remake Majora's Mask 3D would follow, though I was not happy that Fierce Deity Link went from a boss killer to a fisher in this game. You can't easily kill Gyorg with him anymore, but they let you catch other fish instead... oh well.

Then Tri Force Heroes came out of nowhere. Well, I personally was hoping for an online Four Swords game to happen and I got my wish. And one of my favorite features of the game are the outfits, which feel like a perfect hybrid of the masks from Majora's Mask and the Magic Rings from Oracle of Ages & Seasons. The first update of the game then provided us with a nice Fierce Deity costume, which is pretty badass.

Needless to say that many Sword Beams were fired in the year 2015...


One year ago I had in mind that this year would give us Zelda U and next year we would see the next multiplayer Zelda on 3DS. These roles got switched and I'm not unhappy with it. Since I moved recently the 3DS is my preferred gaming system right now and Zelda U certainly feels like a better fit for the big 30th Anniversary of the franchise, similar to how Skyward Sword got released during the 25th Anniversary.

And until we get the next big Zelda game, Nintendo will keep us busy. This is what we can certainly expect in 2016:

  • More Tri Force Heroes Content
  • Twilight Princess HD
  • Hyrule Warriors Legends
  • The Legend of Zelda for Wii U

There might also be some more re-releases, e.g. Skyward Sword on the Wii U eShop, Majora's Mask on the Wii U Virtual Console or even the Four Swords Anniversary Edition. And who knows... we might see Linkle's Crossbow Training happening, hehe. But overall 2016 will be a busy year for Zelda fans!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tri Force Heroes: Hero Points Update

Tri Force Heroes was updated to version 2.1.0 yesterday as a little surprise. And Nintendo is still working hard on fixing the problem with people quitting all the time. It seems the black listing didn't do anything and now they give you rewards for not quitting, if you don't get your vote. This gives you Hero Points, which earns you free missing materials at the merchant and an upgrade for the Bear Minimum outfit.

I have completed the game already for 100% and if I play, I play to help others completing their challenges. And it's nice that this is now also rewarded. If you select "I can't decide" (which actually means "I don't care"), you will also get Hero Points. And this really brought me back into playing the game. It's a nice incentive for people to stay around and play more, help others.

The problem is, however, that you might run into a group of people, who all just select "I don't care" and clearly all have completed the game already. That's not much fun for me, I like the feeling of at least achieving some progress for someone else, being helpful, but also laying back. I don't want to be all "do this, come here, do that".

And the reward was a bad choice...

I kind of liked, how the Bear Minimum was a "Hero Mode" costume, making the game more difficult. If I score 30 Hero Points, it will be a better version of the Cursed Tights, making yet another costume obsolete and also destroying the only real challenge costume. Actually it's more a reason not to go for Hero Points...

They should have upgraded the Hero's Tunic in different ways for scoring Hero Points instead. It's called the Hero's Tunic anyway and right now it doesn't have any use at all. So, why not give this costume an upgrade instead? - The answer to that question turned out to be simple: the Dopples in the singleplayer mode are using the Hero's Tunic, so it has to stay neutral to keep things balanced there. On the other hand this would have been an even nicer reward, because it helps you with completing the singleplayer Challenges.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Replaying Phantom Hourglass on the Wii U

Last night I completed Phantom Hourglass on the Wii U Virtual Console. This is the fourth time that I have beaten this game and the third time, where I fully completed it for 100%, which means 25:00 Best Time, all Heart Containers, Spirit Gems, Fish, Treasures, Ship Parts and so on. Last thing to do was getting drunk at Beedle's until I achieved V.I.P. status.

Before that I was stuck getting the Golden Chimney and the Regal Ring, which took a while. At the end I even abused the Restore Points of the Virtual Console to get the job done. With the Regal Ring it didn't really work, when I won treasures at the archery minigame, it would give me everything but the Regal Ring. But then I made a Restore Point right before saving Nyave in the Southwestern Sea, where I got "lucky" eventually. With Ship Parts in the archery minigame it didn't work as easy though, because even after scoring 2000 points, it seems like there's only a limited pool of random of ship parts, which you can win at a time. So, the Restore Points only help a little. Also, the game has these phases, where it hands you new Ship Parts one after another in small bursts, probably after getting a certain number of duplicates or so. But while playing the archery minigame I usually keep getting the same junk, until suddenly the missing parts were popping in. And by using Restore Points you would miss these bursts.

However, like in my 2nd playthrough I was stuck with missing one final ship part, but at least it was nice that it was a golden part. That way I didn't lose motivation and I used to be a little more creative with building my ship. For example I used the Tropical Ship in combination with the other gold parts, which looks very nice, a lot better than with the actual golden hull, because of the nice grass.

Needless to say that I've played the archery minigame A LOT again...

But it plays very nicely on the Wii U GamePad, if you hold it sideways. I sat in an armchair, put my left arm on the armrest and the GamePad on my belly. This way I could play comfortably. I even got a 2400 score, which is pretty good, though I think my highscore on the Nintendo DS was 2500 points. I need to check this.

In 2011 I replayed the game on a rented copy, because I didn't want to delete any of the completed savegames on my original copy. (see my post here). I didn't complete the game at the time, because I didn't get to keep it anyway, but I took note of the treasure and ship parts values. Interestingly enough I got the exact same values again this time:

  • Pink Coral / Bright Parts: 1500
  • White Pearl Loop / Iron Parts: 50
  • Black Pearl Loop / Stone Parts: 800
  • Zora Scale / Vintage Parts: 800
  • Goron Amber / Demon Parts: 50
  • Ruto Crown / Tropical Parts: 50
  • Helmaroc Feather / Tourist Parts: 50

Was Recht ist, kommt wieder! This might have been coincidence, but maybe the random generation of the values is based on your name. I think, I also used "Tourian" on the rented copy, but I'm not sure anymore. In any case, I got the chance to finally complete the same "setting" and it's quite the powerful combination. There are no 150 Rupee values, but two sets worth 800 Rupees and two sets worth 1500 Rupees. You can make a lot of money here and I kept getting the stone and vintage parts all the time, until I couldn't see them anymore.

I was a lot more lucky with the fish this time though. I got a Stowfish quite early on a Loovar and the first swordfish shadow, which I had encountered, actually brought up the Neptoona! However, this wasn't until after the end of the game, because I first thought that the swordfish shadows would appear right after getting the Big Catch Lure. But you have to find a Rusty Swordfish on a normal shadow first... I kept wondering for the entire game, why no swordfish would show up, but it was actually my mistake. And that's why I was one Heart Container short, when I faced Bellum... Not that this makes any difference, but I simply like to be done with everything, before I got to the final boss.

Like the last time I've replayed this game, I decided to collect the 3rd and 4th Sea Chart in one go, but unlike the last time it went really smoothly. I got about 10 minutes left, when I reached the end. I also used my Speed Guide to get the 25:00 Best Time without any effort.

Now... there are good reasons, why you'd want to get the 3rd and 4th Sea Charts at the same time. One is that you don't have to return to the Temple of the Ocean King until after you've got the Phantom Sword. The other is that it lets you explore the entire 2nd half of the game freely on your own terms. You can play the three temples in any order, which leaves six possible ways of beating the game. And these are the orders I did in the past:

  • Ice Temple → Goron Temple → Mutoh's Temple
  • Mutoh's Temple → Ice Temple → Goron Temple
  • Ice Temple → Mutoh's Temple → Goron Temple

This time I actually decided to start with the Goron Temple for once. Then I went for Mutoh's Temple and for the first time I've played the Ice Temple last. This leaves the Grappling Hook for the end, where you will revisit most islands to find treasures with this tool, while Hammer and Bombchus are only useful in the Temple of the Ocean King. Because of this I previously preferred to get the Grappling Hook early, but it also has a nice touch to keep it for the end.

I probably won't replay the game for a fifth time, until Nintendo releases a remake, though I'm pretty certain that the Nintendo DS games will get remakes in the next generation after playing this. The graphics are extremely outdated and there's so much room for improvement. But I will talk about this in separate posts. Anyway, if that happens, I will go through Mutoh's Temple → Goron Temple → Ice Temple next. The intended order of Goron Temple → Ice Temple → Mutoh's Temple I will save for last, hehe. Only boring people play that.

But overall it was enjoyable to replay the game on the Virtual Console, though it gave my screen protector something to do for the first time. Before playing Phantom Hourglass there was nothing on it, but now it got quite some tiny scratches... Can't help it, but I have to say that those are probably the only Zelda games, where I don't like cutting grass. You rarely get hearts out of them and swiping the touchscreen like that isn't really good for it. And because of this, if Nintendo ever does remakes, I certainly want optional button controls, which should work fine with analog sticks or slide pads. I was a fan of the touchscreen controls back then, but after playing Tri Force Heroes it just felt weird.

I also had issues at first with understanding, how the internal clock works now on the Virtual Console to find the Masked Beedle and so on. You actually have to reset the game in order to synchronize the clock with the Wii u again. If you're using Return and Restore Points, they will have the time stored, when you left them. So, if I leave the game via the HOME menu now and come back in a week, it still thinks it's the 22nd December. Keep that in mind, if you ever want to play the Nintendo DS Zelda games on the Wii U.

That's it for Phantom Hourglass. I'm not sure, how Spirit Tracks will go... I won't be able to play it for some time and I got to the Ocean Lands, but the microphone on the Wii U doesn't really work for this game. Playing the Spirit Flute is pure pain...

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tri Force Heroes: Coliseum Improvements

The Arena was one of the features of this game I looked forward to the most, since the Zelda series kind of has a long history of failed Battle Modes. There were the Shadow Battles in Four Swords Adventures, which were pretty awesome, but you could only play it with other people locally, so most Zelda fans never experienced this. Phantom Hourglass then offered an online mode, however, the game of controlling Phantoms and collecting Force Gems was very different and probably not the most fun for everyone. Spirit Tracks then offered a more fun Battle Mode, but dropped the online component. And while A Link Between Worlds had an excellent duel mode, you could only play it against an AI.

Finally with Tri Force Heroes there's the traditional Battle Mode experience online, but it has too many flaws to be enjoyed to the fullest. I find playing with Randoms rarely to be fun and playing with friends only works, because you're avoiding unfair advantages of certain costumes. But it's not too late to fix this. Nintendo has already released an update for this game and more will follow, where the Coliseum could potentially be improved. And with this post I want to give some ideas on how to do this.

Costume Balance

Ironically my new favorite collectible item of all times is stirring up most of the issues. So, fixing this is probably one of the most important things, because some outfits are outright overpowered. Mainly the Sword Master Sword, the Hammerwear and the Serpent Toga come into mind.

The Hammerwear needs some serious nerfing, even in the main game it's very unbalanced. It's very fast, very safe thanks to the stun effect and does the most damage in the game with SIX hearts. The strongest attacks, which you can do with other weapons, deal "only" four hearts of damage and those are either Spin Attacks or Big Bombs, both being quite unsafe. The upgraded Hammer should only do four Hearts maximum as well and it should become a lot slower, more similar to the Nice Hammer in A Link Between Worlds, but maybe not as slow.

The Serpent Toga is only really an issue in the Ruins, where you can render yourself invincible by picking up the Bombs and then staying in the center of your colored circle. Now, there's an easy solution for that: just make the Boomerang pick up Serpent Toga users. If that was possible, then there wouldn't be a problem. Also, maybe an option, where offensive play gets rewarded and not defensive play, would help, so that players just don't hide behind invulnerability.

The Sword Master Suit really causes trouble with its range and I'm not sure, what could be done here. The increased range is the whole point of the costume, but it's also what makes it so hard to counter, especially if there are no items in play. But this leads me to another point...

Item Selection

Now let's say you're actually going for an upgraded item, there's always the chance that you won't get it, because your opponents pick it up first. And then you're in there with a big disadvantage. Many matches are decided by pure luck right at the beginning because of this.

Now there's a couple different solutions here. One would be that downed players drop their item again. In theory it sounds good, however, your opponent might wear the Sword Master Suit and is pretty much untouchable with you not having any powers.

So, the only real solution would be making sure that you get what you want. Essentially they could just use the empty sockets to fill them with enough items for everyone. Like in the Forest there could be three Bows and three Bombs, so that everyone will be able to pick up what he prefers. This also would work for the Vulcano and Snowlands, but Riverside and Fortress would need additional sockets and on Ruins this wouldn't work at all, because this arena has all items.

Another way would be giving you automatically the item, which gets upgraded by your costume. So, for example selecting the Robowear equips you with the Gripshot on all arenas. This way all items could be utilized in all arenas at any time, making the game more interesting. It would also add more balance against Sword Masters in arenas without any items. It's an easy solution with good results, given that they have nerfed the Hammerwear beforehand. Because otherwise you would just get hammered everywhere and all the time.

Options / Rules

At the very least I want some way to turn off the Wallmaster in duels, because it can be really annoying and disrupting a good fight between two equal players. It could even be a general option or something like the Drabland Challenges, where you play the Coliseum under certain rules like "Evade the Wallmaster!" or "Fight in Darkness!". Even the volcanic rocks in the Sky arena should be a challenge like this, since these rocks can be fun, but they destroy a perfectly neutral arena.

So, before a match players can vote for a challenge / rule or the default game. And I feel like the following challenges could be interesting for the arena:

  • Evade the Wallmaster!
  • Avoid the volcanic rocks! / Don't get hit by snowballs!
  • Don't fall at all! / Avoid falling and quicksand!
  • Win without using a sword!
  • Fight in the dark!

Win Criterias / Game Modes

Now, this could be a topic on its own. In Tri Force Heroes the player wins, who died the least after 90 seconds. On a tie, the remaining hearts count. In A Link Between Worlds the mode basically was "Last Link Standing" and when the two opponents still were alive after a time limit, the player, who dealt the most damage, won. This was to counter Blue Potions, which otherwise would decide the game.

Now, with tactics like the Serpent Toga I previously felt that A Link Between Worlds had the better way and it should be similar with Tri Force Heroes. However, then costumes like the Queen of Hearts would become useless and it's all about having the best damage output. Defensive play should be legitimate as well. "When two people quarrel, a third rejoices." And if someone wins by simply evading and hiding, it's the other two players' fault, really,

Still, maybe there could be an option for different modes that have different win criterias, so that the players can decide. There could even be a mode, where instead of destroying each other, the goal is to collect the most Force Gems or Rupees, similar to the Battle Mode in Spirit Tracks.

Big Plays

For the StreetPass battles in A Link Between Worlds there were 50 medals to collect / challenges to clear. And boy, was that a lot of fun. There were challenges for all the different items, some tricky kills and more. In Tri Force Heroes you could already have one medal for each outfit, even ones that you usually wouldn't use in the arena. For example there could be a medal, where everyone wears the Tri Suit (which actually activates all the effects except for the Rupees, I've tested this). This would encourage people to try and use all the different costumes in the arena, not just the most powerful ones.

And this would make people play the Coliseum more. At least until they have collected all 50+ medals. Of course there needs to be some neat reward, maybe you get a special costume for clearing them all. This would be perfect for a Coliseum Update and here are some other examples for potential medals:

  • Cause 9 Hearts of damage with the Cacto-Clothes!
  • Win without using B or Y!
  • Win without losing a Heart!

This could keep us playing for a while. Naturally some people would just help each other out with these. I would probably abuse my 2nd Nintendo 3DS systems for the tougher challenges. But overall this could be a good idea to bring more life into the arena. And all they would have to do is importing this feature from A Link Between Worlds.

Additional Arenas

Two more areas get added to the game via updates and there should be at least two more arenas as well. One for the Den of Trials and one for whatever area they will add next. The Den of Trials arena could visually follow the Baneful Zone, which was rather unique at the end. Instead of winning specific materials, you would just randomly win a material from any area, since the Den of Trials doesn't have materials on its own.

Of course one or two arenas won't add much. Ideally there would be multiple arenas per area, instead of just one. Especially the Dunes come to mind, where you have the arena with the giant balance platform, but no quicksand. It would be interesting to have an arena with sand to fight on. Theoretically there could be an arena for every level in the game and since these are small places, they shouldn't be too hard to built. After all the Den of Trials has over 30 floors, which all could qualify as arenas.

WARNING: Den of Trials SPOILERS ahead!!!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Linebeck's Uniform and the Friendly Token Guy

It's noticeable that the Faux Hero, who gives you the Friendly Tokens at the front of the castle, only reacts differently to three outfits: the Timeless Tunic, the Tri Suit and Linebeck's Uniform. The first two are gotten from Friendly Tokens and it makes sense that he would react to them, but why also to Linebeck? Maybe this costume was supposed to cost Friendly Tokens as well, early on I speculated that there would be a costume costing the remaining seven tokens, which was before I discovered that you could sell them.

Also, with Linebeck's Uniform it's possible to read the secret message down at the water. Only the Tri Suit let you do that so far and the message was supposedly only readable by someone with many friends, while Linebeck is more of a loner. So, thematically it doesn't fit, which might be another hint that Linebeck's Uniform originally was supposed to cost many Friendly Tokens.

Other than that I also collected all 15 Friendly Tokens from the kid by now. I farmed them using all my 3DS systems, because the Zelda fan meeting later this month sadly got cancelled and I didn't want to wait until summer, before I was able to complete everything. And I still have another copy of the game, where I could collect them all over again. But with that I have 100%ed this game so to say. At least until the next big update hits.

Tri Force Heroes: Potential Outfit Abilities

Following The Cutting Room Floor there will be six DLC costumes in total for Tri Force Heroes. There are six placeholder slots for DLC costumes and the first two have been used by Linebeck's Uniform and the Fierce Deity Armor. So, I suspect that there are two more large updates planned, each housing two additional outfits.

I made multiple speculations posts about the outfits in the past months, e.g. this one, and by now it's safe to assume that Nintendo and GREZZO are actually looking at the abilities of the 64 Magic Rings from the Oracle games. I already talked about this here, but the Fierce Deity Armor actually covered two more of them, the Energy Ring (sort of) and the Steadfast Ring.

Now, instead of conjuring up new outfits, I simply want to think about what other abilities could still make sense for this game. Here's a list:

  • Ice and glass floors don't crumble (Roc's Ring).
  • Strong winds have no effect.
  • You can throw things further (Toss Ring).
  • You hold onto things even when taking damage.
  • The dark curses don't effect you (Whisp Ring).
  • No harm from electricity (Green Holy Ring).
  • Damage taken is always one heart (Protection Ring).

Some of these could be combined into one, for example the first two abilities could go into some birdman / Rito outfit. The abilities to toss further and hold onto things could also make sense in one strong man suit. And the last three abilities could be combined into some protective armor. Yes, this is similar to what I had in mind before, but I wanted to list the individual effects, since they could just become side effects to new costumes like it was with the Fierce Deity Armor. Or how the Linebeck's Uniform adds 10 seconds to timed missions as a bonus.

The latter actually makes me believe that the Fairy Costume still will be a thing, since the ability of adding a fairy would be quite similar. It could also have some of protective properties, e.g. defending you from curses. That way a Fairy Costume would be a good choice for the Den of Trials. And I'm still holding onto that Bee Costume idea, where cutting grass releases bees to help you in battle. It just sounds too fun not to happen...

Actually both of these costumes could accompany some sort of A Link the Past / A Link Between Worlds DLC with areas and dungeons from these games.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

30th Anniversary Replay List

With the 25th Anniversary I decided to go through all Zelda games again, one way or another (see my replay posts). I had completed the original Four Swords for the first time in that year and I even went through the BS Zelda games again, so it was quite a year of playing Zelda for me. Now, the 30th Anniversary will be a thing next year and I'm already getting the feeling like I will play a lot of Zelda during this anniversary as well.

The following games I will replay for sure:

  • Oracle of Ages (3DS VC, Linked Hero's Quest)
  • Oracle of Seasons (3DS VC, Linked Hero's Quest)
  • The Wind Waker HD (2nd Quest)
  • Twilight Princess (new HD version)
  • Phantom Hourglass (Wii U VC)
  • Spirit Tracks (Wii U VC)
  • A Link Between Worlds (Hero Mode)

I've already started with Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, because I'm reviewing for ZeldaEurope how these two games are playing on the Wii U Virtual Console. Unlike last time I will play both of these games simultaneously. My original Nintendo DS copies are "full", both savegames done 100% with all Ship Parts and Train Carts collected, so I never would want to delete those. But with these new VC copies I have the necessary room for additional playthroughs.

I've already replayed A Link Between Worlds this year to prepare for Tri Force Heroes, but I still have to complete the Hero Mode there, which I will save for later. This includes going through all 50 StreetPass challenges again, but I enjoy the Dark Link fights a lot, even a lot more than the arena in Tri Force Heroes, sadly...

In 2013 the Oracle games were released on the 3DS Virtual Console and I used this as a project, where I get all 64 Rings from scratch again. I've even written my popular ring guide at the time. However, I started with two simultaneous Hero's Quests using the same GameID. I basically started a new game in both Ages and Seasons, where I could share the rings. The actual Linked Games I saved for later and it turns out that this will happen during the 30th Anniversary.

It's similar with The Wind Waker HD. I first played this, when it came out in 2013, I got all the figurines during the 1st quest, but I saved the 2nd Quest for later. I didn't have an HD TV at the time and I still don't have one yet, but I will get one next year and The Wind Waker HD will be one of the first games I play on it.

And with Twilight Princess HD I will sort of replay Twilight Princess by playing the new version. I've fully completed both the GameCube and Wii version of Twilight Princess twice and while I'm actually in the mood for the playing this game again, I don't feel like ever going back to the old copies. So, I have to admit that the timing of Twilight Princess HD is pretty nice for me, even though I still think that they should have saved this remake for the next generation.

As for the rest, on both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U I have a couple of unplayed or unfinished copies of Zelda games around, mostly for Virtual Console:

  • The Legend of Zelda (3DS & Wii U VC)
  • Zelda II - The Adventure of Link (3DS & Wii U VC)
  • A Link to the Past (Wii U VC)
  • Ocarina of Time (Wii U VC)
  • Ocarina of Time 3D (2nd copy)
  • Majora's Mask 3D (download version)
  • Tri Force Heroes (retail copy)

All of these could be potential targets for more replays. The NES classics I had fully beaten on the Wii VC the last time, so on either 3DS or Wii U it should be easier, since there I can use save states for a more comfortable experience. You can save right before the bosses or difficult parts.

It's a shame that the Wii U Virtual Console doesn't allow you to import your saves from the Wii Virtual Console, because otherwise I could already check most of the games there as "complete". But currently I haven't touched anything on the Wii U VC yet. I only got them, because you can get them for cheap and it looks nice to have some sort of collection.

A Link to the Past should go well alongside A Link Between Worlds, but I'm not sure about the Nintendo 64 Zelda games. I suspect that Majora's Mask will be released on the Wii U Virtual Console next year as well, so I have both empty copies of the original versions and the 3DS remakes. I probably will stick with the remakes though, since I don't have as much experience with them and because the play better.

Interestingly enough I do own two copies of all the 3DS Zelda games. I got two retail copies of Ocarina of Time 3D, because of the Anniversary Edition bundle, which got released later and featured a different cover for the game. I got both a retail copy and a download copy for A Link Between Worlds, Majora's Mask 3D and Tri Force Heroes. The retail copy of A Link Between Worlds is what I'm using for replaying, I originally played a download version. The download copy of Majora's Mask 3D came with the Special Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL and remains untouched so far. And I bought Tri Force Heroes in the eShop, when it came out, and later got a boxed review copy from Nintendo (which is very useful for testing the arena and the like). Now, with Tri Force Heroes you can always replay all levels anyway, but if I ever feel like starting over from scratch with all the costumes, I will use my retail copy. I even started collecting Friendly Tokens there, when I farmed them for my main game.

So, there's that. What games are still left?

  • Link's Awakening
  • Four Sword
  • Four Swords Adventures
  • The Minish Cap
  • Skyward Sword

Link's Awakening I usually replay once per year anyway, because it's a tradition and because you can quickly beat it in one sitting. I'm not sure about the Four Swords games, I probably won't play them on my own, but I might play them with other Zelda fans during ZeldaEurope fan meetings. They might also re-release Four Swords Anniversary Edition for free again, where I might install and play it on one of my other 3DS systems. The Minish Cap I've already completed last year on the Wii U Virtual Console and I don't feel like playing it again, unless they put it on the New Nintendo 3DS as well.

And then there's Skyward Sword, where I really would like to replay it, before Zelda U hits. Mainly because that way I would go through all 3D Zelda games again before the new one, but also because I haven't played this since fully completing both normal and Hero Mode, when the game was released back in 2011.

Of course this is also a question of time and other games might get in the way, especially Hyrule Warriors Legends might turn out to be quite time consuming again, while at the same time it basically counts as replaying Hyrule Warriors all over again. But I also wanted to check out the new Unreal Tournament next year, though I will try to set my focus on Zelda to honor the 30th Anniversary as much as possible. The next big anniversary will be in 10 years, since 35 years doesn't count as a special anniversary, so both Nintendo and Zelda fans should make this one count.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tri Force Heroes: Ideas for Future Updates

Overall I'm pretty happy with the first update of Tri Force Heroes. First of all it's free, so it doesn't split the community and I can install it on all my 3DS systems without paying extra. And you don't look a gift horse into the mouth. I wouldn't be even sure, how much this should be worth... maybe 0.99€ or 1.99€, but not more. It only adds one hour of gameplay.

But I like that this goes in a different direction, where you might enjoy replaying the whole thing. In my previous posts I pointed out how well one new area could be packed as DLC with four new levels, 12 challenges, new materials and outfits and one new arena. But this wouldn't solve the main issue with the game. Once you're done with all the challenges, you're done with the game and you move on, unless you really enjoy helping others getting there. It's in the nature of a Zelda game and the lack of multiple save slots doesn't help with the situation either. But there needs to be something that keeps you playing. And having some interesting modes like might do that, at least for a little while.

Right now the Den of Trials has only one level, but it's entirely possible that they will add more levels to this area with additional trials, especially a Boss Rush comes to mind. There also should be space for another area, which should be used for something different, e.g. a Realm of Memories for the 30th Anniversary.

(It would also be nice to have some sort of random mode. What added real replay value to Four Swords was the random selection of floors in a level. You never knew what you would get and that way things kept being interesting. I would picture the final version of Vaati's Palace as the basis, where you would fight every boss from the game and get random floors from the entire game in between. Maybe something like this could work in Tri Force Heroes as well. Have a random floor, have a random challenge, fight stronger enemies and fight the bosses in between. The only problem I see here is that the outfits wouldn't work with random floors at all. Even in the Den of Trials you're already stuck with costumes that are helpful in all situations. The Goron Garb might be nice in the Fire Zone, but it won't help you in the next one. So, this idea might not make sense...)

This is what I have in mind right now: one Boss Rush Mode update and one Anniversary update, both featuring two additional costumes for a total of six DLC costumes. Naturally I will speculate more about the costumes later, but it looks like I was on the right track following the Magic Ring abilities from Oracle of Ages & Seasons. Now we got the Steadfast Ring as an additional effect for the Fierce Deity Armor and it's entirely possible that some other remaining ring abilities will come back as well, e.g. the Roc's Ring, even if it's just as a side effect.

Besides the additional content Nintendo and GREZZO hit the nail on the head with their improvements. I think it pays that there is now the Miiverse, Nintendo is finally getting direct feedback from their customers and they can improve their games based on that. So, stuff like buying Friendly Tokens or the measures against quitters are very welcome and are probably based on feedback.

And hopefully future updates will also address the much criticized singleplayer mode. I would just do the following:

  • Have the Dopples follow you by pressing R.
  • Being able to chose outfits for Dopples.
  • Steer a totem with any Link.

If we would have these improvements, the singleplayer should be fine. With the outfits maybe there should be the restriction that one outfit can't be used twice, so you can't abuse the Tri Suit and the like. I got used to the fact that you can only profit from one costume in singleplayer and actually equipping all Links with outfits might be too powerful for singleplayer.

The other big feature, which could use a lot of improvements, is the arena. I was a big fan of the StreetPass battles in A Link Between Worlds, but I can't seem to enjoy the arena that much. A few things could help though:

  • Whoever did the most damage should win.
  • Additional arenas, especially a basic arena without gimmicks.
  • Dark Links as singleplayer bots.
  • Option to turn off the Wallmaster in duels.
  • Balancing some outfits like Hammerwear.
  • Medals.

The last point is important, there should be something like the 50 Challenges in A Link Between Worlds. Win wearing Bear Minimum! Win without using B or Y! Win against the Sword Master Suit! All the costumes alone would add enough potential for many different challenges and this would motivate players to keep playing the arena, while using all sorts of different costumes, instead of resorting to the few overpowered ones.

It might even be that one of the updates focuses entirely on the Coliseum mode instead of adding new areas to the game. Could come with two outfits specifically designed for the arena. To be honest, I don't really need or want a Boss Rush, so having an Arena Update and an Anniversary would be great.

PS: I would also love more music for the Lucky Lobby Ball, especially some songs from Zelda II - The Adventure of Link, mainly Palace and Town, and the Underworld theme from The Legend of Zelda. Also, the Lake Hylia or House theme from Four Swords Adventures to have something from this game as well. These are like the only Zelda games with music from Nintendo that don't get featured by the Lobby Ball. And of course there are many other great songs, which could appear.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Zelda U @ Game Awards 2015?

Exactly one year ago at the game awards we got the last extensive look at Zelda U (see here). Except for a small snippet at the last Direct, we didn't see anything else. So, I'm pretty sure that we're going to see Zelda U again tonight. What else would they show? Certainly not the NX and they already showed a lot of Starfox Zero (Effort) this year... So, it's time for Zelda U again.

Also, the demonstration last year was an important turn of events. There have been many concerns that the world looks to empty, which probably was one of the main reasons for Nintendo to delay the game for an entire year. And now it's time to show what they have accomplished in this additional year. They need to show the difference, to show what you can explore and find.

I would also like to see a dungeon. So, maybe do something similar to last year. Start in the overworld, explore a bit, show that the world has more to offer now and then go into a dungeon to show what has changed here.

Update: Or they could just show nothing at all... too bad.

Fierce Deity Armor = Red Ring + Light Ring + Steadfast Ring

We already knew that the Fierce Deity Armor would work similar to the Sword Suit, just with four beams instead of one. However, I was surprised to learn that it brought two more Oracle of Ages & Seasons Magic Ring abilities back. One is the Steadfast Ring, which nullifies all knockback. I already covered this in my previous ideas like the "Heavy Armor", but it's especially useful with Hardhat Beetles. And now it's in the game thanks to my all time favorite Fierce Deity Link. The other ability is to shoot sword beams even when you're not at full health by doing a Spin Attack. This is similar to the Energy Ring, however, instead of replacing the Spin Attack you do both. Pretty nice.

Though I have to admit I kind of dislike the short range compared to the Sword Master Suit. I guess, this keeps things somewhat balanced, so the Sword Master Sword doesn't turn obsolete, but in the arena the Fierce Deity is inferior to the Sword Master, which feels like a bad joke...

Linebeck's uniform also has a hidden feature: you get 10 seconds extra in time limit challenges. Probably not worth it, since other costumes can save you more time overall, but it's good that this costume isn't just for personal benefits.

The Den of Trials is very short lived, but fun. Turns out with "40 levels" they meant actual floors, not 40 stages... So, it's just one stage really and more like a minigame, which compares to the Treacherous the Tower. Took me less than an hour to beat. But some enemies from A Link Between Worlds return and the final fight was awesome...

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tri Force Heroes 100% Completion, Part 2

Well, by now I have completed all challenges in singleplayer mode as well. With that I pretty much cleared the entire game. I haven't collected all 15 Friendly Tokens yet, but I either want to do this with real people or in the new update, where you can buy them. I'll see about that, but I could get the rest of the tokens at any time, so this doesn't really matter right now.

Singleplayer went surprisingly well. It still would be nice, if you could steer the totem at any height (could be very useful for that spin attack throw trick) and if there was some way for the dopples to follow you Four Swords style. But you get used to stacking the other Links and carrying them around to save time. One main advantage of the singleplayer is the much lower damage most of the time. I felt like the majority of fights were a lot easier to handle, if you only offer one target, instead of three. On the other hand it's shame that you can only select one outfit for the green Link and the shared Energy Gauge can be very annoying.

While playing singleplayer I also took photos of all the 32 secrets from the Drabland Diaries (see Reddit for more info), which was a lot of fun to discover them all. You don't get anything for it and these photos are not really permanent, so I don't count this as part of the 100%, but I still did it anyway. That way the photo album at least has some purpose and now looks quite nice.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Hyrule Warriors Legends: Linkle Announced

There she is! Amazing. I was hoping to see her finally in the Direct and Koei Tecmo again listened to the fans! They made Linkle a thing and she looks lovely. Overall Koei Tecmo did a great job with their original characters, so I'm not worried at all about this.

It would even be nice to have her as an option in Zelda U. And why not? Since the game seems to have a huge focus on the Bow, she might be a nice fit.

By now we got five new characters for Hyrule Warriors Legends. I think that they may want to have six in total, as many as there were added to the original game via DLC and updates. And Toon Ganondorf is probably the most likely candidate here, next to Toon Zelda. Maybe both.

I still would like to see Nabooru, the Deku Princess, Mikau, Yeto, Groose and Batreaux in the future, but they don't strike me as important. Maybe Groose though, Skyward Sword could really use another good character for their team and he was already dearly missed in the original, since it would have made quite some sense to have him there.

So, I think it's going to be Groose or one or two more toon characters.

Tri Force Heroes: First Update + Free DLC Announced

One new area with four levels, new materials, costumes and an arena for 4,99€. That's what I kind of expected, what we would get and what would have been fine, and I was happy to be proven wrong with an even better deal: 30 new levels + new costumes for free. Feels just like Unreal Tournament. Good times.

I was kind of afraid that the DLC will be very short lived, if you only get one new area, but if that area actually has a total of 30+ levels, then this should be more than enough. Actually this area is about the size of the entire original game, but this depends on how complex these 30+ levels will turn out to be.

In any case my previous thoughts about the possible DLC areas seem to be spot on with the "Den of Trials" being very similar to the Hero's Trial from Four Swords Anniversary Edition. They're simply reusing all the assets from the game for this and there's lots of focus on fighting enemies, even some purple colored ones. I wouldn't be surprised, if it turns out that GREZZO are the ones doing the DLC, while the main game was done by the A Link Between Worlds team.

Now it also makes a lot of sense to schedule another update around the 30th Anniversary on February 21st, where they do something similar to the Realm of Memories, where we go back to familiar places from past games. This would be an amazing feature and it would be a good Anniversary gift to the fans, similar to Four Swords AE five years back (though they should re-release this as well).

Interestingly enough the uncovered Tripini dialogues suggested that the new areas will require payment. I think it's entirely possible that they had planned to charge for this, but then decided against it, because the game itself wasn't selling too well. Some good publicity like this could have more people buy it and in the end this will lead to more profit than leeching on the few people, who have actually bought the game already.

So, this was a good choice and it takes all my concerns away for DLC. Even with multiple 3DS systems at hand, I can just install the update on all of them to have access.

And it's great that they still went for the Fierce Deity costume idea! It was the first on my original list for ideas, but I gave up on it after I saw the Sword Suit. It's the third sword beam based outfit already, but it's at least different from the Sword Master Suit by shooting four beams in all directions.

Linebeck's costume on the other might prove to be a problem, if now many people are going to be using it, instead of chosing the right outfit for the job. At least in singleplayer it's a nice "risk" in order to get the materials you need.

I still want that Fairy and Bee costumes, but they are probably too boring for the DLC. The Linebeck and Fierce Deity costumes are the kind of exciting I was talking about in my last post. Now you'd expect something like a Ganondorf costume in the future.

By the way, the update also fixes a couple of issues. You can now buy Friend Tokens, you can blacklist disconnecters and you have better matchmaking. It's good. If the following update also fixes the singleplayer mode and maybe adds a local two player mode, while changing some of the annoying rules in the arena, I might not end up all too unhappy with this game.

Twilight Princess HD Announced

Whyyyyyyy? This seems so unnecessary. You can already play the Wii version of the game on Wii U, the graphical updates seem marginal and there's nothing really to improve, since the game's flaws are in the underlying game flow and can't be fixed with a few adjustments. This has to be the first time, where I'm not excited about an upcoming Zelda release since the GameCube era. And coincidentally it was Twilight Princess, which originally re-sparked my love for Zelda in the year 2005.

But this doesn't look too exciting. Something along the lines of that Wii U tech demo from 2011 for the next console could have been more impressive and maybe more valuable, since we will be running out of remakes soon. Skyward Sword HD would be the last to follow and that's something I could easily picture, since those painting style graphics are meant to be upscaled to HD.

Anyway, the biggest blow in the face were probably the amiibo features. Seriously... who needs that? At least it's only one... I'm getting used to these amiibo Special Editions by now, I also got them for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and Splatoon. And as long as I don't need to buy tons of amiibo, my hate for this trend will be contained. Though I'm worried what all the Zelda Smash amiibo are going to do, since I only have Link and I don't really want any of the others.

It's not all bad though. I'm positively surprised that they used the unmirrored GameCube version as the base. That's nice, since I originally played the game on GameCube first and memorized the world that way. Every time I played the Wii version, it was very confusing to me. And the GameCube version is the true world, how it was intended.

I wonder, if they will keep the Wii controls as an option though. And whether the game will be still mirrored in that case or not. I hope not, so that the Wii version remains to be the oddball, but on the other hand this could become a nice feature.

And since this blog always has been dedicated to possibilities with Zelda, let's think about what they could improve, even though my excitement isn't there...

The first thing that came to mind, was playing all 64 levels of Rollgoal yet again on the GamePad, which would be actually a very nice fit for the minigame. I even started to wonder, if this was the sole motivation for the entire game, Aonuma thinking "Wouldn't that minigame be nice on the Wii U? Let's remake Twilight Princess already!"

But one thing that could get me really excited ends with "Quest". 2nd Quest, Master Quest, Hero Mode ... call it whatever you want, but I always liked the idea of having a harder version of Twilight Princess, where you take double or even triple or even quadruple damage and where stronger enemies appear everywhere. Add some Darknuts to the Lakebed Temple, please! This would be exciting to have.

Besides that the game already has it all. Maybe also a Boss Challenge somewhere, maybe make the citizens of Hyrule more talkative... but overall it's just a very linear experience, which they probably won't fix, so I don't have many ideas for improvements.

Except this one: please stop telling me how much all the Rupees are worth. Thank you.

November 2015 Nintendo Direct Zelda Overload

I'm really sad that I didn't find the time to make my usual prediction post for the Nintendo Direct, where I list all possibilities for Zelda news, because this is actually the first time that my entire list became true! Okay, that's easy to claim in hindsight, but at least I made a small Tweet for ZeldaEurope with my ideas, which was spot on. But on Hyrule Blog I would have gone into more detail. Anyway, this is what the list would have looked like:

  • Twilight Princess HD reveal
  • Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks for Virtual Console
  • Tri Force Heroes DLC
  • Hyrule Warriors Legends release + Linkle reveal
  • Maybe some footage of Zelda U

I was also preparing a post about how I didn't think that Twilight Princess HD would be a good idea and my fears became reality, but I will save this for another post.

Best news were the DLC for Tri Force Heroes! It's free, just the way I wanted it, so I can easily install the DLC on all my systems. Perfect. And it looks like I was right about the Hero's Trial idea, but more about this in an upcoming post as well!

PS: Linkle ftw

Friday, November 6, 2015

Tri Force Heroes: Fairy Costume Discovered

Check this out.

So, a fairy costume was planned at some point during development! You can even see, how they originally used the Link from Between Worlds for this game, which they had changed, because Toon Link probably was a better fit for the emoticons.

There also seem to be some clipping errors with the wings, but they still might reconsider this costume for the DLC. And I stand by the idea that a Fairy Costume would give you one additional fairy per player wearing it. So, you could have up to six fairies with this costume.

It would also fit both some retro level pack, because these fairies are a classic character, or some Hero's Trial pack, since you will die a lot.

PS: I've updated my previous post about DLC costume ideas.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tri Force Heroes: Thoughts on the DLC Areas

From what we know, Tri Force Heroes is most likely going to get DLC in the form of two new Drabland Areas. But what could they be? The eight existing areas already cover most typical Zelda environments except for a swamp and an ocean area. You can even see some ocean in the background of the map. However, this would be quite boring. We're talking about DLC here and if Nintendo wants people to pay for new areas, then those should better be something special, something interesting.

Something like the Realm of Memories and the Hero's Trial, which both got added in the Anniversary Edition of Four Swords! GREZZO was making that game as well, so it's not unlikely that they might get similar ideas. And I would love to see some retro levels, where they could remake some classic environments and dungeons. This would even be ideal for a late February release, where we're celebrating the start of the 30th Anniversary.

And since most people will have all the overpowered costumes by the time, it might also make sense to amp the difficulty for an additional super challenging area. We already have enemies like the Soldiers that can bring back this special nastiness of the Hero's Trial... This would also be the perfect area to add a shield as an item, since you want to be able to reduce the damage as much as possible.

On a second thought, an ocean area could also be quite interesting, if it adds content from The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass. Somewhat of a "retro" area so to say. As long as it's something special, I'm fine.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tri Force Heroes 100% Completion

These would be the tasks for a full completion of the game:

  • Unlock all 36 Costumes
  • Collect 15 Friendly Tokens
  • Beat all 128 missions in both multi- and singleplayer

I'm not there yet, but made some significant milestones last day. I finally completed all 128 missions in multiplayer and I got all costumes except for the Dapper Spinner Kit, where you need ten Freebies. I'm not messing with the clock of my 3DS and I only have to get three more, so it's just a matter of a short time.

I collected 9 Friendly Tokens so far, which was possible thanks to my collection of Zelda themed Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS systems. I knew that they would come in handy with this game! You have to keep formatting a system, but this only takes a few minutes. I could collect the rest of the tokens just now, but later this year I will be at a Zelda fan meeting, where I will probably get the rest. It's not like you get anything important for having all 15 tokens, just some changes in dialog. By the way, with these Friendly Tokens this game has actual missables, because you can sell them. Sell more than 7 and you won't be able to get all costumes. They might fix this with an update, but just don't sell them. You shouldn't sell any materials at all to be honest, because the prizes are not worth it.

Anyway, one big task left would be completing all missions a second time in singleplayer. The board on the wall in the lobby keeps track individually what missions you've beaten in multiplayer and in singleplayer. With multiplayer I got the full board, now I still will have to go through all of it again in singleplayer. I don't mind this too much though, because it offers quite a different experience. And it's not as bad as I thought it would be, I already managed to beat all challenges in the Forest, even the first Time Trial, which seems to be the hardest in the game. Still, I'm hoping that Nintendo might improve the singleplayer in one of their updates for the game... real simple changes could make the experience much more pleasant. I especially miss the possibility to equip the doppels with outfits, it would be so awesome being able to create your perfect team.

On a site note, I also got a boxed copy of the game on Friday, which I have abused for farming materials in the arena. However, it didn't do me anything good, because it turned out that the materials, which I really wanted, are not available in the arena mode. There's like one rare material in each area, which you can only get as a rare prize in three later challenges. So, they are easy to miss. Mystery Jade, Rainbow Coral, Star Fragment, Ice Rose, Vibrant Brooch, Crystal Skull, Sanctuary Mask, Steel Mask - these are the ones. So, keep an eye out for them at the merchant. If he offers them, do not hesitate to buy them!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tri Force Heroes: DLC Costume Ideas

Best thing about the upcoming DLC and updates: I can keep on speculating about new costumes, even after all 36 costumes are now basic knowledge. So far I'm quite happy with the selection, even quite some of my ideas, which I had in the last months, made in into the game, though some of them ended up being a little different. But there's the Zora Costume, the Dunewalker Duds, the Cozy Parka (basically an Anouki parka), the Sword Suit, the Tingle Tights and so on... I'm really happy, how this feature turned out and what abilities there are. The only one, I dislike, is the Lady's Ensemble, which basically makes two other costumes obsolete, one of which I didn't even have yet. And there's no real visual upgrade, they just combined two abilities in one costume without any drawbacks, which was a bad design choice. But the rest of the costumes turned out great.

And to be honest, I have little ideas left. It has been revealed that there will be at least five DLC costumes, probably even six in total, since it's numbered up to six, so I'm going with six ideas for now. Most of them I even already had in the past, they are just more refined now that I know the mechanics of the game a lot better.

  • Fairy Costume: Adds one more fairy per player wearing it. So, a total of six fairies would be possible.
  • Bee Costume: Cutting grass randomly lets bees appear, attacking your enemies. Chance of a Golden Bee also exists.
  • Heavy Armor: You get knocked back less and your damage taken is always one heart.
  • Roc Suit: Glass and ice floors don't crumble and you can sink-fly without a Cucco.
  • Muscle Suit: Makes you throw things farther.
  • Shield Suit: Upgrades your shield to defend you from elemental attacks.

The "Heavy Armor" idea basically combines the Steadfast Ring and the Protection Ring from Oracle of Ages & Seasons. Previously I was thinking about having the half damage of the Blue Ring / Blue Armor, but in this game there are no quarter or even half hearts, which I like a lot for a change. So, the minimum damage is always one heart and for the most time, this armor won't do much. It might be very helpful in the arena though and with the 50% Attack / Defense challenges. It might also help you with the strong winds in the Sky area, kind of acting like Iron Boots. It's one of the few hazards in the game, which didn't see a costume dedicated to it. Of course this kind of ability also could be combined with my "Roc Suit", which I have based on the Roc's Feather and the Roc's Ring from past games.

The "Muscle Suit" is based on the Toss Ring and I feel like it would come in handy in a couple of missions, especially with those Hinox boss fights. I really have only the ability here in mind, not a clear outfit. I was thinking of Rosso at first, but he's more Goron than anything. And Link looking like a bodybuilder could be hilarious. It could also be an outfit that makes you look like a catapult.

As for the rest, there seem to be two new areas for the Drablands, each of them bundled as a DLC pack. And each area could potentially come with a new item to make it more interesting and appealing. And these new items then will need a new costume each to upgrade it. I still would like to see some sort of shield in the game, where the costume gives you the effects of the Hylian Shield in A Link Between Worlds.

The other item could be some other classic returning, something completely new or a bit of both like the Fire Gloves. I don't have any good ideas here yet, but I will update this post, if I do. And next to new items, these new areas might also provide new hazards, where a costume could help. Like for example there could be a swamp area, where you have a costume that lets you walk over the mud. But this would be too similar to the already established Dunewalker Duds.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Tri Force Heroes: Updates and DLC Incoming!

Check this out!

I'm excited about this. I know it's actually breaking one of my three golden rules for this game. The main problem with paid DLC was that it's stuck on a system, but I got the eShop version anyway, so it's not a big deal for me anymore...

Also, today I thought, it will be nice to have DLC for this, since it can be structured very easily: by drabland areas. You basically buy an area pack, which gives you one new area in the drablands with four stages, 12 additional challenges and one new Coliseum arena, as well as new materials and costumes befitting that area. Maybe even new items. That Ice Shield idea is still possible, folks! So, the DLC could very easily be bundled. And for playing with random people, you chose the area anyway at beforehand. DLC will also keep the people returning to this game, which will be very important...

But what's maybe even more important, are free updates. This game needs some serious fixing, primarily the singleplayer mode. We're talking about GREZZO here! They added an awesome singleplayer to Four Swords, which I loved! How could they screw this up so badly? Well, according to this interview the bad singleplayer was even intentional, but they got some terrible reviews for it and deserve it. It's an horribly tedious experience and it would be so easy to fix with a couple of Four Swords tricks and improvements...

  • Let me chose outfits for the doppels!
  • Every character should have his own Energy Bar.
  • Have them follow me, as long as I'm on the same level, by pressing R.
  • Let me steer the totem at any level!
  • Maybe even have an auto totem feature, where your current player is on the top, by tapping your current player on the touchscreen.
  • Etc.

Just do it, Nintendo! Also, a local two player mode, where we have one puppet, would be nice. And it should work a lot better than the singleplayer actually.

Friendly Tokens are also an issue. Well, I have the luxury that I can farm them, since I got a total of three Zelda themed 3DS systems in the past. I can just keep formatting my oldest system and get a new token each time, which already scored me the awesome Timeless Tunic. And later this year I will also attempt at a Zelda fan meeting, where I potentially could collect more than enough tokens. However, not everyone has three 3DS systems at hand or knows many people playing this game personally. And online only counts, if you have befriended the player locally... but maybe Nintendo should consider that all online friends should count. Yes, people will just "cheat" on forums to get them, but it's certainly better than formatting 3DS systems over and over again. Meeting so many people with a 3DS is simply a rarity.

It would also be nice to get Shadow Links for the Coliseum for practice or for when the servers are offline (like right now).

Monday, October 19, 2015

Oracle Rings to Tri Force Heroes Costumes

Up to this point Nintendo has revealed 33 of all the 36 costumes in the game! They really love spoiling everything in advance. I'm not too mad though, because you probably could just check the crafting recipes to see what's there. And at least I know now that the costumes won't disappoint, unlike the Medals in Skyward Sword. That was so much wasted potential and I kept hoping through the game that there would be more of the Medals. But the costumes seem to be a very good feature adding strategy and replay value to the game. Check out the full list of all known costumes on Zelda Wiki. Or don't and stop reading this post now, because there will be costume spoilers!

In the demo there were six different costumes: Hero Tunic, Kokiri Clothes, Legendary Dress, Lucky Loungewear, Tingle Tights, Spin Attack Attire. It was only one sixth of what the final game has to offer and I already have been intrigued by the options...

Now, the costumes are very similar to the Magic Rings from Oracle of Ages & Seasons - so far one of my absolute favorite collectibles in the series. The costumes might be less in number, but they are more fleshed out and offer better variety. But they also bring back some of the abilities from the rings. Especially the Cozy Parka and Dunewalker Duds really take me back to the rings, because the abilities to walk on ice and quicksand only ever appeared in the Oracle games... it's nice to have interesting perks like this back.

And you might even make better use of these perks than back then. You could only wear one ring for the effect and only carry five rings around. To switch them you had to back to the ring shop and for the most time you would probably just bring something very valuable like the Red, Blue or Green Ring, but forgot about the small perks like the Snowshoe Ring. And only if you really knew the dungeons, you were able to bring the right rings for the job. But in Tri Force Heroes you simply select one costume from your entire collection before a level, which then mostly adds to the replay value. At first you might pick something to strengthen one of the three available items and later on, if you know a stage well, you know what costumes will be the best choice for the stage.

Well, here is what costumes you could compare to what rings (though some of them are only similar or related, not the exact same abilities):

  • Bear Minimum Digs ↔ Cursed Ring
  • Big Bomb Outfit ↔ Blast Ring
  • Cheetah Costume ↔ Pegasus Ring
  • Cozy Parka ↔ Snowshoe Ring
  • Dunewalker Duds ↔ Quicksand Ring
  • Legendary Dress ↔ Blue Joy Ring (even received from Zelda!)
  • Rupee Regalia ↔ Red Joy Ring
  • Spin Attack Attire ↔ Spin Ring
  • Sword Suit ↔ Red Ring + Light Ring
  • Timeless Tunic ↔ First Gen Ring
  • Zora Costume ↔ Swimmer's Ring (and maybe Zora Ring)

The Jack and Queen of Hearts costumes also are akin to the Life Medals in Skyward Sword. They are also one of two cases, where a costume has a better version available making the first one obsolete. The rings did this in many cases, in some cases the L-2 was even easier to find than the L-1 (e.g. Heart Ring). But here the better version cost a lot more materials and Rupees, so you start with the easier to get costumes. The second case is the Lady's Ensemble, which replaces Zelda's Dress. I really don't like this, because they look too different and it even feels like blasphemy to have that ugly thing over the Legendary Dress. They could have given the Lady's Ensemble some other strong ability, like the slow Regeneration of the Heart Rings...

Other abilities I'm still missing are the Blue Ring and the Steadfast Ring. Both could even be combined in some sort of heavy knight armor. You take half damage and enemy attacks won't throw you back as far. This would be quite helpful in the Bomb Storage stage from the demo, those Hardhat Beetles could be really dangerous. And we still haven't seen a costume, which upgrades the Gripshot, or a Bee Costume to replace the Bee Medal from A Link Between Worlds and to bring back bees. Let's see, what the final three costumes will be, but those would be my bets.

PS: The Lantern actually was turned into a costume. Nice idea! And I still hope that there will be a(n ice) shield in the game, because having no shield at all feels really weird. Of course then we would need another costume to upgrade said shield.

Update: No shield apparently, too bad. :( There's a funny Robo Suit upgrading the Gripshot, a "Show Stopper" costume attracting enemies and a "Sword Master Costume" (probably giving you something akin to the Master Sword, I don't know yet). And it seems you "only" need eight of the 15 Friendly Tokens for the costumes, you only get these tokens by playing locally with different people. And I was afraid that there would be another costume costing 7 of these.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Tri Force Heroes Demo Impressions

This weekend Nintendo of Europe hosted 10 hours of online time for the Tri Force Heroes demo and I tried to make good use of it. And there I was between enjoyable THUMBS UP spamming rounds and looking like this:

The experience is very different based on who you play with. On Saturday I had two or three really good teams with enjoyable playthroughs. When everyone knows what they are doing and keeps throwing thumb ups at each other, it's a good feel. On Sunday I didn't have much luck and with certain people you might need a lot of patience. I have to admit that I disconnected a couple of times, because the people I played with seemed like a hopeless cause. The demo only worked online for a limited time and I didn't want to spent this time explaining, how to use bombs properly.

For example in the Bomb Storage level the guy with the bombs is the crucial part of the team. Mostly I went for the bombs myself to make sure, everything goes well, but one time I wanted to play with the Gust Jar again. But then I had a guy, who didn't even understood that he had bombs. When we tried to activate the second switch, he went back to the Bomb Flower at the first switch and tried to bring it back in time! He was like these silly Gorons in Ocarina of Time, trying to open Dodongo's Cavern. My attempt of spamming the "Come here!" and "Item!" icons didn't came across. I even picked him up to put him in the exact spot... Maybe he was trolling, maybe he never played Zelda in his life. In any case, what should I have done?

But for the most part this system of communicating is very interesting and enjoyable. I just wish, there would be a couple more icons. Like "Lag!" and "Facepalm!". On a more serious note, "Push" and "Pull" could make sense. Of course you can just actually push or pull to show what you want, but the animation is very subtle and once I had a hard time to explain that you have to move the big block in the Fire Temple to the right spot and not throw me on top of it...

It's somewhat a new era of playing Zelda, if you think about it. As a Zelda veteran Zelda games have been "too easy" for an entire generation now. They are still easy, but now you have to teach the new players, how to move a block, by using eight different emoticons. The communication becomes the puzzle. (I'm pretty sure that Aonuma said the same, so saying it myself feels a little cheesy now.)

It also adds to the replay value. The levels seem to be all very static and linear, so the singleplayer certainly won't have the same replay value as in Four Swords, but playing it with different people offers a different experience every time. And you can take different roles by selecting the costume and the item, which makes it interesting. This was especially clear in the Bomb Storage level. And the levels with different items will probably be the interesting ones.

However, due to this you can already tell at the start, which players might not be experienced. For example why would you use the Kokiri Clothes in the Bomb Storage level, which has no Bow? Or why would you take the Bow in the Fire Temple, when someone else chose the Kokiri Clothes? It's like paying attention really hurts some people. Also, in the Buzz Blob Cave it did make the most sense to use the Kokiri Clothes in any case, so if anybody didn't chose them, there was a good chance that they could be a problem. One way or the other. I had one guy, who insisted to be on top of the totem, while he was the only one, who didn't wear the Kokiri Clothes. He just made it needlessly complicated. The Spin Attack Attire is also useful in the level and I saw one guy making good use of it, but there were others, who selected this costume and then never did a single Spin Attack, even in the part where all the blobs appear.

Another example is the Legendary Dress. If someone in your team has it and you're low on health, he should break pots and kill enemies, not the others. I really like the costumes and they add a good deal of strategy to the game, but some people will just wear them because of the looks without paying attention to the effects.

Good thing that the final game will have a Black List. (I even like, how they explain the story with hero candidates and false heroes.) Still, I'm really excited. Before the demo I was skeptical about playing with random people, but after the demo I think this might be what makes the game last long. Even with only three levels and a handful of costumes the demo didn't become boring. I'm really looking forward to the full experience now.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Tri Force Heroes European Demo Codes!

Remember, how I said that it would be nice to get the demo for Tri Force Heroes? Well, Nintendo just did it now. You can play it online this weekend at certain times.

If you need codes for the EUROPEAN version, I got 200 code packs from Nintendo for ZeldaEurope.

Just follow @ZeldaEurope on Twitter and retweet this to win 3 demo codes!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

TriForce Heroes: Ice Shield, the Last Item?

According to Famitsu there will be nine different items in the game. So far we know eight of them:

  • Bombs
  • Bow
  • Boomerang
  • Hammer
  • Armshot
  • Gust Jar
  • Fire Gloves
  • Water Rod

So, what could be the last remaining item? It makes sense to look at A Link Between Worlds first, because five of the traditional items from the game return with slight modifications to the Hookshot. Of note were the four elemental rods, where it seems like they are replaced by weaker items dealing with elements. The Fire Rod gets replaced by the Fire Gloves and the Tornado Rod by the Gust Jar. And the Water Rod is similar to the Sand Rod, only on water and with a weaker effect. It might even still have an effect on sand and other things by watering them.

Now they probably did that to balance the multiplayer gameplay, but it also reminds me of the situation in Spirt Tracks, where compared to Phantom Hourglass the three new items were a lot weaker. No overpowered Magic Hammer anymore or in this case Fire Rod. But it also removes the verticality of the rods. The elemental rods added a lot of vertical gameplay to A Link Between Worlds, but they now want you to use the new totem mechanic everywhere. So, instead of shooting a huge pillar of flames, you have to climb the other Links and shoot fireballs from the top in order to attack flying enemies with fire. Makes things a little bit more difficult.

I guess that the last item will have something to do with ice, so you still get the ability to freeze enemies. That's some team play, which I would like to see, where one player freezes the enemies and the other smashes them with the Hammer. You couldn't even do that in the Four Swords games. An ice mace or an ice ball & chain could be interesting to have, but of course with that you probably wouldn't need the hammer anymore.

What could be possible is an "Ice Lantern", which emits light, but freezes things. This way you would have to be close to your enemies in order to freeze them and they could also bring back the classic lantern item. But a lantern, which puts out lights instead of creating them, would be weird and you would have the Gust Jar to blow out lights and cool down things. Plus the Fire Gloves seems to take over the lantern functionality pretty much.

However, it's also noteworthy that there doesn't seem to be a shield equipped to the shoulder buttons... but maybe it's one of the pick up items like in Four Swords? It could even be an "Ice Shield", which freezes enemies, if they touch it, though this wouldn't be exactly innovative for a fantasy action game. But otherwise this would be the first Zelda game without a shield. (I don't think that a costume would give you a shield, only upgrade it.) It also would work well in the combination with the Hammer, where one player defends and the other player smashes the frozen enemies. The more I think about it, the more I like this Ice Shield idea. It makes a lot of sense.

Of course the last item doesn't necessarily have to do anything with ice. It could be a different element or it could be no element at all. Some sort of digging item like the Mole Mitts could potentially return for example...

We'll see. I hope, Nintendo won't reveal the new item, until the game gets released, so we can find it out ourselves. And maybe there are more than nine items, who knows...?

Interesting timing for my post, a couple hours later Nintendo revealed on the site that with "nine items" they counted the sword apparently. Oh, well...

Sunday, September 13, 2015

TriForce Heroes: More about the Costumes

In the current Famitsu magazine there's an article about TriForce Heroes, which you can find here. NintendoEverything also provided a translation of the important facts and in it we learn some more information about the best part of TriForce Heroes: the costumes.

Apparently there are at least 36 costumes in total. This is a good number, it should come very close to the selection of abilities we had with the 64 Magic Rings, if not even succeed it, since some costume provide multiply buffs and many Magic Rings were pretty much useless. The translation also hints that there might be even more, because they apparently didn't count the costumes coming from the Coliseum Mode. I'm at least happy that Nintendo didn't spoil all the costumes yet and there's still the chance for that bee costume!

See this costume? It got featured in the artworks a couple of times already, it's even on the cover of the game. And it seems like this is one of the better costumes, it gives you both the double sword damage and the sword beams. So, it's a combination of the classic Red Mail / Red Ring / Spirit of Power ability and the Spirit of Courage. Nice. I was afraid that the 8-Bit costume would give you the sword, but this is a nice one.

It still might also cause the Fire Arrows, which got shown in one of the artworks... But it's more likely that this gets done by the Fire Gloves, because in that artwork the Red Link seems to be touching the arrow with them:

Originally I thought that the "prince" costume was responsible for the flame arrows, but that doesn't seem to be the case. And it makes sense to have the items interact in different ways.

I'm also surprised by the versatility of that Goron Garb. It makes you invulnerable to fire, you can swim in lava and you can even cross lava fountains. So, it's not like there's only one simple perk, the way it was with the Magic Rings. These costumes are a lot more fleshed out and I like it.

Famitsu also confirmed our theories about the Tingle and Aristocrat costumes. The Tingle costume or "Balloon Tights" seems to save you from falling into an abyss by using the balloons. And the Aristocrat / King costume gives you more Rupees.

From the official Japanese website we learn some more details. The Cheetah costume simply makes you walk faster, as we had guessed. With the Zora costume you can swim against strong currents. The Bomb costumes makes all bombs, which you pick up, larger, not just your own ones. So, you can even turn small enemy bombs into huge ones. And the Tingle costume does indeed save you from an abyss, but there's a limit. You have three balloons and they pop.

And it seems that 36 really is the total number.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Why not Toon Hyrule Warriors?

So, Toon Link will be playable in Hyrule Warriors Legends according to the latest news, next to Tetra and the Red King of Lions. He won't be playable in Legend Mode, but you can use him in the other game modes. With him we now got three different versions of Link in the game. And I can't help but wonder, why they didn't make a Toon Hyrule Warriors instead?

The engine doesn't run all that nicely on the 3DS. There are fewer enemies and everything is shown in a cel shaded and outlined style, which looks like a massive downgrade from the original on the Wii U. And of course it is. In general I also don't like, how they mix the more realistic Zelda games with the Toon Zelda games, because these styles heavily clash, even if they use cel shading on the original characters. The proportions are just off. The game becomes a visual mess.

And now that there's Toon Link, there could be a Toon Zelda, a Toon Ganondorf and a Toon Tingle as well... And I feel like it would have been the better solution to keep all of this separate in a completely different Hyrule Warriors game. With an entire toon roster:

  • Toon Link
  • Toon Zelda
  • Toon Ganondorf
  • Toon Lana
  • Toon Cia
  • Toon Tingle
  • Tetra
  • Red King of Lions
  • Medli
  • Makar
  • Oshus
  • Cole
  • Byrne

That's 13 characters already, like the original roster of Hyrule Warriors. Why not make a new story with Lana and/or Cia (toon versions), which involves the eras of The Wind Waker / Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks? The Four Swords games would also fit visually, so you could have Vaati or Ezlo. And later of course characters from TriForce Heroes.

This way there would be two different Hyrule Warriors series. One on the home console with the "cool and realistic" Zelda stuff. And one on the handhelds with the Toon Zelda universe. I would find that a lot better than recycling Hyrule Warriors on the handheld and mashing Toon Zelda stuff in there. But maybe this is even the direction they want to go in the future and they are just breaking first new ground here. After all the whole The Wind Waker part in Legend Mode will be separate, its own story at the end. Maybe in the future they will expand this to its own game.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

TriForce Heroes: Hookshot, Clawshot or Switch Hook?

Take a look at the artwork of the new Hookshot in TriForce Heroes:

It looks different from the one in A Link Between Worlds and in the new trailer you can clearly see it using a claw. I already noticed this in my last post, but I wanted to give it some more thought. The Clawshot itself was made for 3D Zelda games to keep Link hanging, where he is. That's not all that useful for a topdown Zelda. So, I wonder, if they brought the Switch Hook from Oracle of Ages back? With it you could switch places with certain blocks and enemies. But in case of TriForce Heroes it could add an interesting mechanic, where you switch places with other players.

With the Gust Jar you push other Links away from you. With the Boomerang you can bring other Links to you, making the Boomerang a lot more useful this time around. Now with the Hookshot in A Link Between Worlds you were able to draw yourself to a Shadow Link. Maybe that's still what it's doing here and they only added the round claw, so it would not give the impression of hurting the other Link. Maybe that's all there is to this. But that would be too similar to what we already have with the Boomerang and a Switch Hook, where the players switch places, might add some more interesting mechanics and possibilities.

Apparently it's called the "Armshot". So, I guess, it's really just about not "hurting" the other Links, when you attach to them.