Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ganondorf amiibo and Hyrule Warriors?

According to some rumors about the upcoming Nintendo Direct the Ganondorf amiibo will unlock a new weapon for him in Hyrule Warriors. (Update: not true, the amiibo doesn't do anything special.)

While I didn't like amiibo DLC with the Spinner, we're at a point, where probably no more DLC will be happening for the game. But I'd love to get some more content, even if it's just some costume packs or even another amiibo weapon. I guess, Ganondorf could either get a horse weapon or the Trident. However, the Spinner was a smart choice as an amiibo weapon, because it matches the amiibo stand in a way. You wouldn't get that with Ganondorf, unless they give him the Spinner as well, which wouldn't make any sense.

Naturally I wouldn't trust these rumors, even though they sound very good. They even talk about a cross-buy Virtual Console for SNES and GameBoy (Color) games, which would be long overdue.

But I still would like the possibility of more updates for Hyrule Warriors, simply because I will probably keep playing this game for a long time. I recently got back into the game and started to create best possible weapons for most weapon types, after I found a reliable way of getting weapons with five stars and eight slots. I also still have the Termina map to finish, as well as the Ganon's Fury mode and the pain that comes after. And some new stuff and maybe some updates along the way would spark some more excitement. It doesn't have to be a big second season of DLC, sometimes small things are enough to get you back into a game.

The surprise 1.6.1 update kept me hoping for some of this, but in the end they only did some bug fixing, where I'm not sure what they really did. They didn't fix the Rupee glitch (and they better not with their insane bazaar prices), but maybe the out of bounds issues in Challenge mode got treated...

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Zelda Wii U Delayed

Looks like this Zelda year is already over. Zelda U won't be shown at E3 or released this year. You know, what other Zelda games had been delayed for a year and even longer? Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword ... You know what Zelda game was created under massive time pressure? Majora's Mask.

In general I agree that they should take their time to make the best game possible, but looking at the past it tells me that a delayed Zelda game doesn't necessarily result in a good Zelda game. And one of my absolute favorite Zelda games was made within a year. So, I'm indifferent about these news. But I fear that this might mean that there will be only one Zelda game developed for the Wii U, much like there was only Skyward Sword for Wii (Motion+). Only one Zelda game per system / in the same style feels like wasted potential, I like when they reuse the engine and the same style of one Zelda game to make another. They still keep doing that on the handhelds, but the big console titles seem to become singletons.

I also fear, this might also be a marketing stunt. 2016 will be the 30th Anniversary of the Zelda franchise and they can do much more with Zelda U under the Anniversary banner. Well, it doesn't seem like they're doing anything for Mario's 30th Anniversary, but there are no new Mario games coming this year except for Mario Maker. And they love to milk Zelda by now and what would be better for Zelda U than a 30th Anniversary Limited Gold Edition of the Wii U console...?

There also should be a new Zelda 3DS game in development and I wonder, if they will switch schedules? Maybe the 3DS game is going really strong and will come out this year instead. Or both will come in 2016. But I still suspect it to be a new Four Swords game on the 3DS with online multiplayer, using the A Link Between Worlds engine. That would be neat.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Hyrule Warriors: Final Update Suggestions

Hyrule Warriors is probably done and there won't be anymore updates or DLC. And it certainly has evolved into the most extensive and time consuming console game I've ever played. Still there are a few things and changes, which I would like to see on the game, before it really goes final. And maybe Koei Tecmo will release another free update to address some issues, where they could also try to listen to some fan requests. Wouldn't be the first time.

So, here are my ideas:

  • Leveling Ganon and the Cucco in the Training Dojo.
  • Adding stars and slots to any weapon.
  • Unlockable dark costumes for everyone.
  • Some additional use for silver materials.
  • Kokiri Tunic badges.
  • Lifting all character restrictions.
  • Give Link a Fishing Rod weapon.
  • Fighting Tingle

Leveling giants
Playing as a giant boss can be fun, but there's a steep difficulty curve in the few challenge maps and Ganon levels only slowly. Playing the same missions again and again without any big increase in levels is very tedious. It would be nice, if you could select Ganon in the Training Dojo via ZR and ZL and level him up there. No harm done.

Buying weapon stars and slots
With weapons the Legendary skill now became completely useless by now, if you use Level 3 weapons, because the increase in damage is absolutely insignificant at Level 255. What this skill is mostly good for is upgrading Level 1 and Level 2 weapons... but they still lack the skill slots. Level 1 can only have five at maximum and Level 2 seven. If you could buy additional slots, you would have the chance to make Level 1 and 2 weapons equal to Level 3. It's perfect, whenever you would prefer the design of a lower tier, e.g. with the Fierce Deity's Mask, the golden Ball and Chain or Zant's Freddy Kruger blades. I'd say 100.000 per slot and star would be a good price, but knowing Koei Tecmo they would probably go for a million, because they made this game so much more grinding heavy with the updates (which is why people are all nuts about the max Rupee glitch)... but in any case the option should be there. They already expanded the smithy, so they could easily add this.

Dark costumes
They are already in the game. Every character has one, even the three DLC characters, who didn't get any costumes yet. So, this is only a question of making them available. So far you can only get Link's dark costume by buying the Hero of Hyrule set, but at this point this deal should not be relevant anymore. Though I'm not sure, how they would add the costumes. Previously I was thinking that they should use the Challenge Mode for this, but this option is gone, since the mode seems to be finished judging by the medals. They could also add another small Adventure Map, which focuses on fighting dark foes, maybe throw the remaining "Divisive Plan" battles in there. Or maybe you unlock them by getting all 45 heart containers for one character... I don't know how, but they are already in the game and there's no good reason to keep them from the players. And they would be all over Miiverse, trust me...

Silver materials
I've got 999 of Fi's Boots and I have no idea, what to do with them. All the new potions use tons of bronze materials, but there should have been some use for silver materials as well. A defense potion still might be a good idea. Or being able to sell or trade materials. I previously had the idea that trading ~10 normal materials would give the rarer kind. So, you would sell 10 of Fi's Boots to get one of Fi's Crystals. At least then I could make better use of the maximum slot potion.

Kokiri Tunic badges
This probably won't happen or come way too late. But what they would do is increase your defense in any mission, which doesn't have a recommended element. This should help with some of those awful A ranks.

Lifting character restrictions
This already has been done on the Twilight and Termina Adventure Map. Whenever you score an A rank on a mission, the character restrictions get lifted, so you can finally play the mission with anyone, which is great. They should retroactively apply this to the Adventure Map and Master Quest Map as well. This would open up some nice "Rack Up Your KO Count" missions for all characters, so that fast leveling and seal breaking has some more options than just two different missions.

Fishing Rod
This is probably the only unreasonable request I'm making here, because this would require some actual work and resources from Koei Tecmo's side. Adding another weapon for free probably won't happen, unless they really want to thank all the players for their support with some free gift. And this would be a nice choice. Of course Link already has more weapons and costumes than everyone else, but it would look good in the character select, if he got full eight weapons. And the water element is the only element, which hasn't seen a new weapon in the updates or DLC. This would be a pure fun weapon, nothing serious, where Link whips his enemies with the lure and pulls out giant fish out of nowhere to smash them on his enemies. See my previous post about this idea.

Fighting Tingle
Now, this is a weird one, but you can't find Tingle anywhere in the game. Not as an ally or an opponent. He actually has an intro movie, which they showed in the trailer for the DLC, but you never get the chance to experience the full intro ingame. It's probably because they didn't have any materials for him, but how hard can those be to add? They don't have to unlock any badges or anything, they could just be there. But this probably already should have been done with the Termina Adventure Map and probably won't happen. Though he could at least appear in Online Links.

I might update this post with additional ideas, but if they add all or at least some of these things, I will be happy with the game. Of course there are some other issues like the slow grinding, the A rank damage requirements, the high prices of some things in the bazaar, the lack of new stages or the lack of an online mode. But these things probably won't be addressed until a sequel. It's too late for that.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Oracle of Ages & Seasons: New Secrets Generator and Decoder

In the past I often referred to the password generator made by Paulygon from the year 2001. It let you generate Secrets to start a linked game or a Hero's Quest and Ring Secrets. It always has been an useful tool for every Oracles fan.

Now kabili207 is re-engineering the tool so that it also supports the following:

  • Decode passwords by entering your secrets
  • Create a Linked Hero's Quest

The 2nd happened on my request, because I always missed that feature in the old one, even if it's only a minor thing. But the first is very important. With this you can actually find your game ID by entering your existing secrets into the tool. With that you can finally create secrets for already existing savegames. kabili207 did the Zelda fans a huge service with that.

And it looks a lot nicer than the original as well:

You can download the tool on Github. I will also update my ring guides in the near future with the new tool in mind.