Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Breath of the Wild: Expansion Pass - First DLC Trailer

Watch the trailer here. It gave us the first moving pictures of the first DLC Pack called "The Master Trials", as well as a teaser for the second DLC Pack called "The Champions' Ballad". The first pack will already be released in two weeks on June 30th, so we can return to the game with new content pretty soon.

It does confirm the existence of Golden Enemies, as you can see with the impressive illustration above. It almost makes me wish for a Golden Lynel amiibo to be released alongside the pack.

The "Trial of the Sword" seems to offer some good variety, especially with the designs of the individual rooms and challenges. And it seems like you will be able to grab some armor pieces along your way, because Link is wearing the Flamebreaker Boots in the last bit.

It's nice to see the new armor in motion, but other than the Korok Mask we still don't know what they will do.

Nintendo also released a fact sheet and the best news here is that the new "Master Mode" will offer a separate save slot. This takes away one of my concerns in my wishlist for the game. I wouldn't want to delete my current savegame or create a new profile on my Wii U or Nintendo Switch just so I can start playing Master Mode...

The mode itself still looks kind of underwhelming, despite the golden foes and the floating platforms. They should have done a little bit more with it, e.g. adding more Guardians to the world, switching some stuff around and so on. But I'm still looking forward to replay the game in this mode and I also like the name "Master Mode" much better than "Hard Mode".

They also teased the 2nd DLC and gave it a theme, where it revolves around the four Champions. You can see Kass standing in a new location offering to play the "Champions' Ballad":

This is above Zora's Domain and I always felt like there should have been a shrine or something else up there... But it might be that Kass can be found in view of all four Divine Beasts and his additional encounters trigger some new memories about the Champions, for example how they got into their positions in the first place. So, the DLC could fill some more gaps in Link's memories.

But it doesn't seem to be an epilogue story, like I originally hoped it would be in my predictions. You can clearly see Vah Ruta in it's firing position with the beam going at Hyrule Castle, which only happens during the game and not before or after.

It's also unclear, how all of this will tie up with a new dungeon or whether the dungeon might even be entirely separate from the "story".

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