Thursday, June 15, 2017

Breath of the Wild: The Master Trials @ Treehouse Live

In today's E3 2017 live stream Nintendo showed off the first DLC contents for Breath of the Wild. You can watch this here. It's somewhat painful to watch, but it gives away some new information...

They did showcase all the armor and it's quite underwhelming. Other than the Korok Mask, which signalizes nearby Koroks, and Majora's Mask, which makes it harder for enemies to spot you, they don't seem to offer any special functionality. Midna's Helmet has Guardian Resist and the Phantom Armor more Attack Damage, but those are no new abilities. The Tingle costume even doesn't seem to have any special attributes other than a "Night Speed Up" set bonus. Why not let it make you float longer? Or find more Rupees?

To make things worse, all of the DLC armor behaves like the Nintendo Switch Shirt. If you (accidentally) sell any of it, there's no way of re-obtaining the pieces. And that's just not acceptable, because everything in the game should either be locked or re-obtainable. They could have just easily added it all to some merchant, like Granté's collection, or make it so that you can't sell them. But instead they went through the trouble of inserting a "If sold, this rare item can't be replaced" sentence to the descriptions of all the new pieces...

This is all quite disappointing and seems to lack a certain level of refinement.

The "Trial of the Sword" works similar to the Den of Trials in Tri Force Heroes. You will be able to enter the Middle Trials and the Final Trials, once you've reached them, however this will be at a disadvantage, because you start with nothing at the respective floors, while starting from the beginning might net you with valuable items. In Tri Force Heroes it was similar, where collecting fairies in the easier zones will come in handy in the "Baneful Zone".

It also seems like you're not allowed to use your Champion abilities within the trial. So, the only thing that will be of help from the outside are upgraded Runes and any additional Heart Containers and Stamina Vessels.

Overall it looks like an interesting challenge, but it's just put together cheaply by recycling various assets in the game to create a new series of shrine-like levels. As with the new armor it almost feels like a different, less experienced team is developing the DLC...


Day 3 had a second segment for the "Master Trials" DLC, which you can watch here. It was pretty much the exact same showcase as the first one, but they did show the "Trial of the Sword" in Master Mode briefly. It confirmed that there really are no red enemies in this Mode, while in Normal Mode you probably won't find any golden ones.

It might even be that Hyrule Compendium in Normal Mode really is fully completed already and any new enemies only appear in Master Mode. Instead of introducing a new boss for the upcoming dungeon in the "Champions' Ballad" they probably could also just use all four Blights again... But let's wait and see, how the first DLC really behaves.


Eren Jaeger said...

I understand your argument for the armor not being reobtainable when it should be, but lorewise, I don't believe it would work for certain items. Eg; the replica of the Fused Shadow that you can obtain in BotW - we actually see it at the end of Twilight Princess. Ganondorf breaks her trademark piece of the Fused Shadow, but when we see her post Ganondorf battle before her original form is restored, she's wearing it on her head like normal. And we know this isn't the same Fused Shadow piece that Ganondorf broke either - in the credits we can see that it is still laying on the ground. So basically, we know that there is a single replica of the Fused Shadow in the games due to Twilight Princess and no more than one. This would also apply to Majora's Mask, because, well... there's only one Majora's Mask.

TourianTourist said...

Those are just replicas in any case, so I don't see a problem with there existing multiple ones.

Also, the ending of Twilight Princess is very messy and I wouldn't interpret too much into it, especially not that somehow a replica of the Fused Shadow got created, which now ended up in your hands thousands of years later.

If there really would be a problem with the lore, they could just make them unsellable, instead of giving you something that could potentially lost forever by accidentally selling it.