Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Got the new Link amiibo

How many Link amiibo does one need? The answer is, all of them!

By now Nintendo has made amiibo of all the Links from all the major console Zelda games, except A Link to the Past. But I wouldn't be surprised, if this would follow, alongside with amiibo for the Minish Cap Link, Conductor Link and the Link Between Worlds...

But if Nintendo makes more Zelda amiibo, I really hope that they increase the production by a tenfold. Acquiring these Links was a disaster, especially here in Germany. Picture people camping in front of a GameStop at launch day, only to learn that the shop had just one copy of each amiibo available. Amazon was sold out within seconds. It was near impossible to find them in shops at release day!

Similar to Ocarina of Time Link from the 30th Anniversary amiibo, I had my "secretary" track them down for me. I'm lucky to have her, because otherwise I would have missed all of them.

And it doesn't seem like Nintendo has any interest in producing more. They are probably happy that they were able to sell them all so quickly and then they moved on by announcing the next wave of Zelda amiibo coming later this year with the Champions. They could make quite some money by simply reproducing what they already had offered so far, but seemingly Nintendo has more interest in these items being limited than in the happiness of their fans.

Scalpers make the whole thing even worse, but ideally no one would buy from them, so this kind of business isn't lucrative any longer. But with Nintendo not producing enough items, there will always be fans that are desperate enough to pay high prices... And so Scalpers will keep preordering in high numbers.

Amazon Germany seems to have reacted to the situation, though, because when they started taking preorders for the upcoming Metroid amiibo, you were limited to one per person. So, I was able to preorder them, along with the Legacy Edition of Samus Returns. But this should be the default behavior with all amiibo and limited Nintendo products these days.

Well, anyway, here are some pictures of the new Link amiibo:

The Skyward Sword Link has a crooked sword... Other than that the quality is alright, as usual. The best one of the batch is certainly Young Link, who also gives the best ingame reward in Breath of the Wild with the Fierce Deity items. So, this is the amiibo that you really want to have. I find the Twilight Princess amiibo a little boring, but that's probably because it's Twilight Princess. And at least his sword is straight. :D I also like, how they all wield different swords.

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